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      Luis Vega had a very interesting post at fivedoves about 144,000 Jews:

      ‘Do not harm the Land or Sea or Trees until we have Sealed the Foreheads of the Servants of our GOD. And I heard the Number of those who were Sealed, 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel: -Revelation 7:3-4 ‘

      “The Premise and Theory is that who will make-up these 144,000 Young Jewish Men, that will be Anointed for the Commission, will come from all those Young Jewish Men that are presently studying in the Yeshiva or Bible Schools.

      A People Prepared
      The Evidence will be based on the Demographics of all those reported by Israeli News Sources that have provided some interesting Statistics regarding this Supposition. Based on these Yeshiva School Enrollment Figures, one has extrapolated the Average Percentages and present the Trend. That is that for 2022, there will be approximately just over 144,000 Young Israeli Men who are now enrolled in Yeshiva Bible Schools in Israel presently. Why this is potentially Prophetically Significant is that at no other Time in Israel’s Modern History, since 1948, has this Number Figure risen to this level. And?

      This would suggest, in one’s Opinion and Assessment that Jesus has prepared such a Multitude, equipped with the thorough Knowledge of the Tanakh or the Law and Prophets to be able to Witness to their Fellow Countrymen or the Jews, etc. Also note that the Yeshiva’s primary topic of study is the Talmud. This will help in knowing all the Arguments the Jews will be objecting to when they present Jesus as the Messiah and fulfillment of the entire Tanakh. ”


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      I was also thinking perhaps when the 2 witnesses come on the scene and start preaching … all their knowledge from Bible classes their eyes are finally opened and they get saved and are sealed?

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      Indeed the Lord alone is judge regardless the dispensation!  He alone knows the end from the beginning!  He alone knows who He has sealed and will seal!  I’ll leave that up to Him whether my mind or heart can reconcile it or not!  TR

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