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      Leaving Soon

      One possible 2nd Advent date is Rosh Hashanah 2028 (Sept. 20th – Sept. 22)

      So minus 1260 days and you come to a possible Tribulation start date of Oct. 27th – Oct. 29th 2021

      Since Oct. 27th – Oct. 29th 2021 is 18 months away I find it very interesting that we keep seeing all of these 18 month long deadlines for things.

      Here’s 3 articles from today (05/01/20) with 18 month deadlines.




      Has anyone noticed any other 18 month long deadlines or anything else ending or even starting around Nov. 1st. 2021  ?


      And :thankyou to EVERYONE on this site who made me see this connection.



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      Nice! :good:

      Yes, I noticed they keep throwing out the #18 more months timeline … the elite really love those 6’s … (6+6+6). :yes:

      I still prefer to leave in 2020 but this is very intriguing because …

      November 1st happens to be “All Saints Day”  Hmmm :mail:  

      October 31st –  I believe is the birthday of Jesus  based on Luke 1:5 “Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth”.

      The course of Abia ends July 31st … Zacharias finished his priestly duties in the Temple and went home and Elisabeth conceived John the Baptist.  6 months later would make it January 31st when Mary was informed she was chosen to house the Messiah and then visited Elisabeth to tell her the great news and then John the Baptist leaped for joy in the womb of Elisabeth at 6 months.  9 months later would take it to exactly October 31st when Jesus was born in the flesh … and we know Jesus is always on time … then satan made that holiday his because  he wants to be just like God.

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        Leaving Soon

        Very interesting info about October 31st. I know that you, others, and myself have been discussing these things on various threads. I just wanted to put this stuff in one place and see if anyone else can add to this topic. So thanks for adding to it so soon !

        As I’ve said before even if the Tribulation doesn’t officially start till around November of next year the Rapture could still happen this year and then there could be a gap of over a year long. The c virus seems to be setting the stage for the Rapture and then it could be used during the gap to set the stage for the start of the Tribulation.


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