A Biden Win Equals a Very Near 10 Kings Formation.

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      The Global Elite and the Central Bank will do anything to put Joe Biden into office to control the Global reset which we know is the formation of the 10 kings.

      Trump is fighting hard and I think he’ll win.

      Whether you want to recognize and understand that there was no way Joe Biden had a 90% turn out. 20 million more votes than Obama is strait nonsense.

      Whether you want to believe the late night vote dumps where Biden received 28,000, 30,000 35,000 etc.. votes and Trump received 0

      Whether or not you want to believe that the voting main frames were stolen from their location in Germany is up to you.

      Whether or not you want to believe to coordinated liberal shut outs of republican poll watchers in many many states.

      Whether or not you want to believe that liberal pollsters were instructing republican voters to write in sharpies which nulled their ballot.

      Whether you want to believe that there is a central bank in almost every country and Trump is trying to kick the central bank and eliminate the federal reserve is up to you.

      I could go on and on and on

      If you want to educate yourself check out the Gateway Pundit.

      We all know in prophecy that the global elite win the battle. They form the 10 kings just prior to the tribulation period.

      Am I the only one that cant believe that not only is the tribulation period that soon but the rapture has to be in days if the Biden win is certified Dec 7th?

      I have to be honest I am in shock and numb. I had no idea how this would play out but now that I see it soo close I dont know what to say.




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