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      Have another song with rewritten lyrics to share with my online RITAN family. You folks are some of the few people in the world that might even care about what the Lord has put on my heart from Him.

      This is a second song of lament as we approach the end of the age of grace and people are running out of time to make their final decision about their response to Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and eternal life before the rapture. It’s an old Bonnie Raitt song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”.  For me, it is a haunting and powerful melody that speaks of unrequited love. Man, as I sing this over people driving by, I can just feel the Lord’s heart breaking for those people who simply refuse to respond to His love for them. Most of the songs He has prompted me to rewrite have been intercessory and/or praise, but in the lateness of the hour, seems like He is leading more towards lamentation of late. (As always, no implied endorsement of the original artist or their lifestyle.) Including a link so you can read the lyrics against the melody.

      I Can’t Make You Love Him
      (Lyrics rewritten from Bonnie Raitt’s, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”)

      Time now has come, for you to decide
      For or against Him, narrow or wide
      Choose as you will, truth or the lies
      Show Him your heart, don’t patronize…don’t patronize

      ‘Cause I can’t make you love Him if you don’t
      You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t
      Here in the dark, in these final hours
      He has laid down His life, to give you His power
      But you won’t, no you won’t
      ‘Cause I can’t make you love Him, if you won’t

      You close your eyes, pretend you can’t see
      The signs all around, to warn you and me
      Darkness will fall, believers will fly
      Wrath from above, the tears in your eyes
      And there’ll be tears in your eyes


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      I like  Bonnie Raitt songs. One of my favorite is “Runaway”. She has a very unique voice.

      Talking about lamentation, I had that feeling for a while. The world is not answering to Jesus’ calling. They slumber , not knowing tribulation is near. They live like there is no end for tomorrow. God has mercy on them.

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