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      Humbly Irrelevant

      A Time For Every Purpose

      What is our very purpose?
      It must be more than to live or die;
      Our Foundation better be built upon Jesus,
      For the Midnight Hour draweth nigh.

      Have we thoroughly planted our seeds?
      Or watered those that were previously sewn?
      Have we embraced the Son of God,
      And done what He has clearly shown?

      This is no time to rend or kill,
      We must continue to obediently plow;
      Only Jesus can bring the increase,
      And heal our hearts in the “here and now”.

      We have approached the end of time,
      Which explains the darkness of the hour;
      The Season looms right before our faces,
      The Fig Tree is finally ready to flower.

      We confess that we are sinners,
      Without much to offer our King,
      Wishing only to please the Father,
      And hear the Angels gloriously sing.

      It is hard to build and edify,
      When the world is rapidly breaking down;
      The unjust continue to worship perishable stones,
      While the faithful seek Eternal Crowns.

      Although Christians wish to laugh,
      The truth causes us to weep,
      Our voices have been rendered silent,
      By a world so steadfastly asleep.

      But our time to mourn is ending,
      And we will soon be very excited,
      To find ourselves attending The Wedding,
      For which everyone was invited.

      Sadly, only a portion choose to accept,
      The Gift of Grace so freely submitted;
      While the prideful cast away their souls,
      The Children of God are humbly admitted.

      In these days of war and hate,
      When prideful ego just won’t cease,
      The Brethren await a Blessed Hope,
      That will bring everlasting Peace.

      So let us lift our heads to Heaven,
      And gaze into the sky,
      Jesus will meet us in the clouds,
      And save us from a world gone horribly awry.

      We will no longer suffer the attacks,
      Of an enemy breaking through to steal;
      All Praise, Honor, and Glory,
      Belong to the Potter at the Wheel.

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      Wonderful.  Thanks for sharing.

      Truly sin, evil and wickedness abound.  They always have.  We know full well that we were placed here so that the Lord could test our hearts.  Weeding out those who would not be happy or thrive in His presence!

      If the world doesn’t appreciate our agape and personalized love of Christ here, what would make anyone think they could do so in Heaven?!  Herein is the wisdom of God.

      Though we were all made in His image and likeness, not all will allow Him to further conform us to be more like Him!  Many are called, but few are chosen.  In this time, this is our purpose!

      Who knows what constrains the Lord’s return?!  His timing is perfect.




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      Thanking the Lord for your gifting’s. :bible


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      A big AMEN to that Sis!


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      Thank you for sharing your insight and gift. I greatly appreciate your gift. I can so relate and long for the last two verses, the day when we will no longer have to fight or witness the evil that is growing and this with the restrainer still on earth. :yes: :thankyou :prayer-hands:

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      I just thank God every day that He is willing to save me from myself daily, and saved me once for Himself!


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      Humbly Irrelevant

      I want to thank you Tammie, Kolleen, and tenderreed for the kind, and exaggerated, remarks about my “insight and gift”.   Although I don’t believe all that, I do believe that as lame as I am, my one gift that God has blessed me with is “encouragement”.

      I fall so short is so many other categories, but every time I feel led to write something, it is with the intention of possibly touching just one person out there.  That is always my goal, and when I receive feedback from one person that anything I said helped them, then it is all worth it.  We are put on this earth to either plant or water, but it is ALWAYS Jesus that brings the increase!

      God bless you three, and all other silent lurkers out there.  We will all meet up in the air soon.



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      Amen.  How awesome that the Lord finds each of us precious in His sight!


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      Humbly Irrelevant, you have a gift just like the writers of the psalms! Please don’t ever stop! I love reading through your prose because you are able to encapsulate exactly what so many of us are feeling, but struggle to put into describable words. So thank you and know that each one of these poems has been a blessing to me especially. Remember that we are the “body” of Christ and each of us members have unique and needed functions to help each other in service to Jesus. We cannot all be the same or our effectiveness in spreading the gospel would be lessened. Imagine we were all the “eye” of Christ… weird. So keep writing as the words flow and keep posting… you never know how one of your poems may lead someone to Christ on top of the encouragement it brings the rest of us! :yes:

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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Wow yhwhtalmidah (and others) — I am truly humbled (and still irrelevant ;-) )

      I appreciate it that my numerous postings are not cumbersome or annoying.

      Have a great day!


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