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      Humbly Irrelevant

      A Time of Sensory Elapsement

      I lifted my head to see,

      And what was it that caught my eye?

      But the tail feathers of life,

      As the seasons went dancing by.

      I opened my ears to listen,

      And what was it that I did hear?

      But the rustling of winded time,

      And the departure of another year.

      I reached out with both my hands,

      And what was it my fingers caressed?

      But the emanations from years gone past,

      And enraptured memories of happiness.

      I liberated my lips apart,

      And what was it this aperture savored?

      But the spice my life has possessed,

      And flaming rainbows that never wavered.

      I now evince my sense of smell,

      And what is that aroma I perceive?

      It is the imminent approach of our Bridegroom,

      Coming to Rapture those who believe.


      We hold our breath in awe,

      Our Savior is reaching out,

      The moment is finally upon us,

      To hear that Final Shout!


      Please Jesus, :prayer-hands:   Come quickly Lord, and sooner rather than later!

      Amen :amen:  Hallelujah :yahoo:

      May today be the day,


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      Humbly Irrelevant

      As true today as it was back in December 2019, and 2009, and 1999, and 1989 when I was born again — only moreso!

      It’s been a long couple of centuries waiting for this moment in celestial time!! :prayer-hands:


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      Yes, maybe today! :prayer-hands:

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