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      Lord, please bear with me for a moment,
      And hear my heartfelt cry,
      Forgive me for this latest plea,
      But so many things keep going awry.

      Today I awakened a little wearier,
      In this world that has become so vile,
      It was tough getting through yesterday’s flames,
      I can’t even imagine tomorrow’s trial.

      I beseech you Lord through ardent prayer,
      Please extract us from this fray,
      We have been so faithful in our walk,
      We would rather not endure one more day.

      If it’s not yet Time, then give us strength,
      And protect us through our plight,
      Please bless your children who are looking up,
      Desperately seeking your calm and soothing Light.

      We’re on our knees and in Your Hands,
      Like detached leaves, withered and blown,
      But we know we’re safe within Your Grasp,
      Meekly prostrated before your Eternal Throne.

      We’re tired, impatient, and totally spent,
      We are SO READY to leave,
      Please Rapture us NOW and we’ll never look back,
      The Season is here — WE TRULY BELIEVE!!!

      In the NAME of our Lord Jesus Christ,
      Who shed His BLOOD at Calvary’s Cross,
      In His POWER and AUTHORITY we fervently pray,
      For our Saviour to spare us from further loss!

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      Beautiful prayer!!!


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