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      Most Christians know the significance of 490 years ( 70 weeks ) prophecy from Daniel. It points to the first coming of Messiah in year 32 AD. And it leaves a 7 years of tribulation to be fulfilled. At the end of this tribulation, second advent shall take place.

      But what if  “490 years” hides another mystery from God? Does the number “490 years” foretell the fate of Israel as a sovereign nation?

      King David began his reign in 1010 BC. He reigned for 40 years, and died at the age of 70 years old. But the actual years of reign from Jerusalem is 33 years since he also reigned in Hebron for 7 years. From 1003 BC ( 1010 BC – 7 years ) the year King David ruled from Jerusalem, to 586 BC the destruction of second temple, and the lost of a nation status, there was a total of 417 years of Israel being a sovereign nation ruling from Jerusalem ( 1003 BC minus 586 BC ).

      If 7 years of tribulation happens this year, mid-trib shall take place in year 2022. AC shall break the covenant and charge a huge army against Israel. From Zechariah 13:8-9, 2/3 shall perish while 1/3 shall be purged by God. Israel shall face another loss of a nation status.

      To calculate how many years elapsed between Israel’s rebirth as a nation, unto 2022, I use the starting point of 1949 because it was in 1949 the settlement finally took place and Israel enjoyed as a peaceful nation.

      2022 minus 1949 = 73 years. There shall be 73 years Israel enjoys as a peaceful nation unto her sudden death in 2022.

      Adding 73 years to the previous 417 years of Israelis ruling from Jerusalem as a sovereign nation, the total years of Israel ruling from Jerusalem is 490 years.

      May be I am correct. God did ordain a 490 years upon Israel beginning with King David ruling from Jerusalem, to the very last dynasty ending in 2022.  And the timeline of 2019 to 2026 looks very plausible.

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      I like your reasoning, 2ndComing.  So very hopeful.  May it be so for us, for Israel, and for all mankind.

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      Thanks for your comment, MyWhiteStone. I also believe I have found out the origin of these “490 years” prophecy. It has something to do with 70 jubilees. I shall post my thought later.

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