Another Piece of the Prophecy Puzzle About to be Fulfilled?

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        Apparently back in December, several news reports indicated that some leading Jewish rabbis in Israel are in the process of creating a crown for the “messiah”, whom they are anticipating being revealed in the very near future.  Not sure of its current status, as I could not find anything more current than December as an update.

        Revelation 6:2 reads as follows: “And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”

        I never gave it much thought before, but someone recently connected the dots for me in a post that appear on the RITAN Facebook page.  The crown referred to in Rev 6:2 as the first seal broken could very well be the literal crown that the rabbis have been working on.

        Seems like one more piece of the puzzle to me.  What say you?  Do you think this crown that the rabbis have been reported to be working on will be the AC’s crown?  If so, we saw the altar that the AC will defile dedicated back at the end of Chanukah in December and now perhaps his crown is being made.  Tic toc.:flyup:

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        David W. Roche

          Historically, prophecies have often turned out to have a literal fulfilment where it wasn’t expected.  As for this one, time will tell.  Now, it would really be interesting if the guy showed up with a bow in his hand.  Nevertheless, the “bow” he carries is not a hunting bow; in Greek it is “toxon,” which is a fabric bow.  How that gets traded for a crown will be interesting to observe.

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              A fabric bow?   Perhaps it will be made out of rainbow colors pushing the gay/tranny lifestyle?

              Instead of receiving the Nobel prize …. it will be a crown?

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              How about a rainbow colored sash over the shoulder, going down across the chest, and ending at the opposite hip?  Like for a beauty contest.  Or for showing royalty.

              It’s likely that if he had the other kind of bow and came conquering with it, he might be scary enough for the people to quiver — so he wouldn’t need to carry one.


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