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      Vicky’s watching

      I was on this site for a year before it was put on FB, so I didn’t really get to know anyone except Patty and of course I know Thomas from FB. So I mainly just would read what everyone was saying about their lives, but I never really say to much about myself. I’m looking forward to get to know more of you as we wait for Jesus return. I’m not perfect or even close to it, but I have a love for our Lord that will put me in the back row in Heaven when we are lifted up on our final day here. I pray you have a Blessed Day and I will be putting on little short sayings to hopefully bring peace from the Lord’s word and my heart.  Love you all thru Jesus! It’s a new Day to begin sharing about Jesus love! :rose:

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      Hi Vicky’s watching, I’m afraid I’ll be fighting you for that seat in the back row! ;) The beautiful thing about a saint realizing that they are not in any way perfect gives room for Jesus to work wonderful things in our lives. Jars of clay fall on the Rock, Jesus, and are broken. He puts us back together again and that is when He shines through us! Those who think they are perfect, who don’t have a need for a savior, are deluded and fooling themselves and cheating themselves out of so many precious blessings. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better!

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      Vicky’s watching

      Thank you for responding, I guess I won’t be the only one on the last row of Jesus’s return. This site came just in time to move out of FB, America is changing fast and persecution is coming for all Christians. I’m ready for it. I hope to get to know everyone here and looking forward to all posts coming to encourage our waiting & watching for the Lord’s return.

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