Beware Of The 188 Earthquake Cycle On June 5, 2019-Oh Yeah! Its Back!

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      Many of you   forgot  about the 188 earthquake cycle-din’t ya!! Thought it was  just a giant old nothing burger-maybe? Maybe a  stinky  large tubular Brain gas leak!! –OK!   Maybe I had my cows out in the pasture for too long and they developed  bovine herpes!! OK! Or maybe I tried to fit all my  yellow  peeps into  one small   melting pot  resulting in  a kettle full of easter goo!!

      Well  I also had given up on that old theory which I had somewhat retired for several years-until I found someone posting the continued series of  188 day earthquake cycles on the website called  “The End Times Forecaster” !  It appears someone has been doing a great job updating and   making nice table charts of each earthquake cycle hit or target date bullseye!

      If you want to check out the articles just google   “Beware  the 188 Day Earthquake  Cycle- May 13, 2017 and   also this new article about the 47 Day Earthquake   Cycle which is half of 94 and that is half of 188 days—it is called ” The  Beware of the Nibiru  47 Day Large  Earthquake Cycle –this also has an interesting earthquake table chart of hits and target dates!!

      I myself know for a fact that the last series of 188 earthquake  cycles have been occurring on the exact date of the cycle forecast!  This time around it falls on June 5, 2019  which is on  the 52nd anniversary of the  start of the  6th day war in Israel!

      Every  188 day event occurs 11 days later from the date of the cycle from the previous year– Like  the first earthquake that began the cycle was the Concepion, Chile  event on February 28, 2010–you just add  11 days to this  first part to the next 188 event in 2011 which is March 11, 2011-the Great Earthquak in Japan-9.0!

      Same way with the  fall Earthquake cycle events  which started on September 4, 2010 in Christchurch, New Zealand  with the 7.4 earthquake-you add 11 days to this for the next years event– which would be the September 15, 2011 Fiji  7.3 earthquake event!!

      This keeps going all the way down to the present 188 day cycle!  So for what its worth they are still going off on or around these key 188 day cycles!!

      Now they are happening on these half cycles of 94 days and to break that down we have the  37 day  cycles–I just found out about these smaller cycles!!!

      The reason why this theory went into the closet  awhile back of course was because the earthquakes accuring on this cycle were not  very damaging or did not destroy to much real estate -even though they were considered  above 7.0! Which is a great earthquake!

      So get out the foil tin  hat and  bring out the grease  popcorn-stained  blockbuster video movie of  2012-and watch as the next cycle breaks over the horizon– Watch-out-Its a Bird! Its a  Drone!  No!!!    Its a Nothing burger???!!!!   We’ll see!! Maybe-If we are still here!!  I kinda doubt it!!!


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