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      Happy Mother’s Day and God’s riches blessing on all of my sisters on RITAN. :rose: :heart:

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      With this being Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a poem.

      Ark of Love

      Woman was formed in a Garden.  And within the heart of that Garden was a river of life, where God’s creation grows.  Within each woman’s heart, God placed a stream upon which the Ark of motherhood flows.

      With longsuffering a woman bears all.  Christ like she chooses the burdens of new life with a sacrificial love.  She endures the pangs of birth buoyed by hope, and finds comfort in her desire to nurture with love.

      The suppleness of her form and the beauty of her youth is cast upon a flood of tears, and tried by the torrents of time.  She endures with the patience of Job and the kindness of Christ.  Her suppleness replaced by grace and is magnified by mercy.

      Her ways are made greater and more glorious with each day’s passing.  As she ministers her many expressions of godliness!  Her life reflects the attributes of God abundantly captured in her heart.  This is the covenant called motherhood!

      Should any man aspire to be more like God, he would do well to look upon a Mother’s heart!  This is the love a mother gives her child all the day’s of her life.

      Love suffers long, love is kind.  Love is not filled with selfish envy.  It neither flaunts itself, nor seeks her own.  Love is not easily provoked but rejoices in truth.

      Love bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all.  Of faith, hope and love; love is the greatest!

      These verses mirror the love in a Mother’s Heart!




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