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      In the midst of all the calendar chaos, God is not confused.  He knows exactly which calendar is the “right” calendar.  Ripe barley or not?  To Adar 2, or not to Adar 2?  Heb-Cal, Torah Cal, or Greg’s Cal (Gregorian)?  Civil or sacred? 360-day years or 365.25?  Uhhh, since God is not the author of confusion, it’s not rocket science to figure out who is behind this chaos.

      And still, I am convinced that it will be no ordinary day when that trumpet blows.  Oh, it may seem “ordinary” to us in our calendar confusion, and certainly to those in the world and outside of Christ, but it will be no random day from His perspective.  Rest assured, He will get the timing precisely correct, just as He always has, and it will be filled with profound wisdom and prophetic fulfillment.  May it be soon, Abba.  Watching, waiting, and longing to be in the presence of our Father, our Savior and our “Regenerator”.  Maranatha!!!

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      Our days go on as “normal” but wouldn’t it be interesting to see beyond the veil and witness all the activity going on as our Lord is making preparation to break in on the affairs of man once again. I’d imagine quite a scene.

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      Well said Yohanan!

      One can almost hear the clamor of heavenly footsteps and wings.  Of course adding to this the idea for such activity, is that Christ is just as anxious for the Rapture as we are! :yahoo: :yes:


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