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      Grant this petition Oh Lord I pray, that You charge and send Your Angels to continually encircle me.  Let them form an unbroken standard, a sure defense.  Their presence pronouncing God’s care and great love for me.  Let every power, principality and enemy be dismayed and utterly confused, every evil frustrated.

      Blessed am I Lord that You would send Your Angelic warriors in order to insure my safety and protection.  Facing outward and ever vigil of any threat, they demonstrate Your great power and authority.  You have arrayed Your heavenly host with wondrous weapons ensuring glorious victory on my behalf.

      With flaming swords thundering as lightening, they sound with authority, each blow striking fearfully.  You have filled them with radiantly shining shields of Your blinding glory, dispersing every enemy.  They raise their wings mighty and full, spreading them to form a canopy of refuge, and a hiding place from all harm.

      Let their gathering and their purpose be ordered of You Lord.  May the battling of their warfare honour the Most High God, as they assist and protect me.  My heart O Lord quivers and is greatly humbled at their presence.  Even more Lord, that they stand with me by Your word.  And yet these wondrous Angels sent by thee are merely servants assigned to me.

      All the more I pray, that You also send ministering Angels.  Set these to stand as an inner circle within a circle.  Let their ministry towards me speak of Your great love.  Let them declare Your words of healing and restoration, for my body, soul and spirit.  Allow their presence to encourage and strengthen me.

      Renew my hope O Lord, as they declare the mighty salvation of the Lord.   Let them speak secrets of the Annointed One, filling my heart with full assurance.Let my spirit be comforted, that I might rejoice.  By their ministering, let all my fears be calmed and my doubts be destroyed.

      Lord I am overwhelmed by Your love demonstrated towards me.  Within their touch, You have bestowed deep and complete healing.  The joy that radiates from their countenance warms me. Their wings display Your compassion filled heart. Their eyes reflecting the captured and ageless glory of the Lord, beckons my weeping in awe and thanksgiving.

      I give You thanks O Lord, as these servants uphold and lift me, offering me up to You. Excitedly, as preparing a heartfelt gift, these Angels look upon me and smile.  How warm and special I feel Lord, knowing that these that have stood in Your presence, now attend to me.  Bless the Lord who hears all prayers.

      Tender Reed


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      This was a prayer in my spirit about 20 years ago.  I write prayers, petitions, psalms and poems.

      But the Lord has graciously tempered my heart with two truths.

      Firstly, it’s not about me bur rather all about Him!

      Secondly, man has neither the quality nor quantity of words to describe His Glory!

      That said, I offer this prayer hoping to be a blessing to someone.



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