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        Many of you may not follow CJ Lovik but I find him fascinating. He again validates why 2023 should be the exiting of the Bride of Christ using the Daniel 70 week prophecy and God’s revealing of an Ezekiel prophecy — very exciting indeed!

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          Awesome!!!  TR

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            Best historical timeline I’ve seen on Daniels 70 weeks. Have not thought of counting from the end to the beginning, brilliant. And we know that the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation as well as earth’s judgement. Simply brilliant. This was the third confirmation for me. Share it far and wide! I have, it is encouraging. :prayer-hands:

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              Exciting!  So when do you think the church leaves? :mail:


              In the comment section:

              Nissan 10 … falls on Saturday April, 1, 2023  (April Fools Day)

              Passover falls on Wednesday, April 5th (same as in 30 AD)

              Easter/Resurrection Day falls on Sunday, April 9th (same as in 30 AD)


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                  I have always felt that it was going to be a Wednesday rapture, but that is my personal opinion and I relate that to the traditional Jewish wedding.

                  As to the date — remember our calendar is off by about a month. God gave a 360 day cycle and only 2 seasons (planting and harvest), so it still could be any day :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:  and as late as May per our calendar. The exciting part is that CJ Lovik gives pretty strong evidence for a 2023 rapture. His study dispels the argument between a 30 or 32 AD crucifixion per the destruction of Jerusalem, which makes logical sense.

                  It is also exciting to see, as Daniel states, the eyes being opened to more understanding as the time for our departure is at hand. Soon!!!! :prayer-hands:

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                  I think he said that April 5th in 30 AD Christ was crucified.  This being the day of atonement could we then add 2000 yrs to this date?  Last week I called this the year of the cross.  Hmmm?!  TR

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                  Paul R

                    Thanks Tammie. Yes, I love his presentations because they are so visual. In the science behind advertising they believe that most people (roughly 70%) are largely visually oriented in their thinking processes — as opposed to auditory (sounds and rhythm) and kinaesthetic (awareness of body and movement). Hence these videos are a great tool to reach people who dislike a lot of reading.

                    I can’t fault his research or his math either. The only thing I’m not sure about — and I don’t know the answer to this — is the duration of the tribulation. Is it the full seven years of the 70th week or is it only 3.5 years. Some say the Lord Jesus fulfilled the first half of the last week and we are on hold for 2,000 years before the trib kicks off.

                    Of course, I’m hoping for the soonest one, but we all trust in His perfect plan and timing. I’m thinking this video could be a wonderful tool for Jewish people too, because it clearly shows them how to escape the inevitable tribulation.

                    The last verse of Psalm 53 says: “Oh that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion…” That word “salvation” is “yeshua” in the original Hebrew text!

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                        Paul the trib is a full 7 years — at the mid-point 3.5 yrs is when Israel, as a nation, wakes up and realizes the abomination of the false messiah, who has now desecrated the third temple. Israel flees to Petra and is protected for the remaining 3.5 yrs, time of judgement of the earth.

                        During 2030 (Per CJ) the second coming of Christ to earth will happen and some time thereafter the millennium will begin for the 1000 years (day of rest). This fulfills the prophecy of the 7000 years (7 days of creation).

                        The dragon is thrown into the pit to await the end of the 1000 yrs. From that point we don’t have much, except to know he is let out for “a season to temp those born during the millennial reign” and then his final judgement is sealed and he is forever cast into the lake of fire.

                        CJ makes it easy to understand and I would agree that we are visual creatures. Although I do learn better as a hands on or kinesthetic learner.

                        Praying for this “spring” rapture to be the true revelation :prayer-hands:

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                      Avatar photoDonna

                        Isn’t it comforting to know all things must one day bow to God’s will
                        our journey soon done on earth
                        in this weary world , we are feeling tired of battling evil’s cold chill
                        anticipating intensely, the soon rapture call and all its Worth
                        ~ ~ oh, Father, we desire to be at Heaven’s altar to adore our King’s reigning ~ ~ secured by Abba Father’s ordaining ~ ~
                        Still ~ ~ ~ we continue to wait with learned patience, and with valued thanksgiving as You teach us daily, the measured worth of praying
                        Is this the year, our Lord’s great call for the Bride, fully realized?
                        the Heavenly Bride ~transformed complete in the air, ~ ~ ~ we are so ready to hear ~ ~ ‘come forth’ ..
                        So ready to enter where Heavenly hosts gather there ~
                        ~ ~at Heaven’s altar, full of joy we sing
                        ~~ caught up higher and higher , ~ ~
                        ~ ~, reaching Heaven amidst Holy fire
                        ~ rejoicing over our King ~
                        even now, feeling thrilled that in God’s will,
                        our soon rapture shall take us to Heaven’s Hill ~

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                          I have also mentioned about having our spirits  “quickened” and he call Jesus a quickening spirit!  Hmmm  TR

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                            Indeed revelation should be simple and straightforward, standing only on the Word itself!  God himself does allow for the function of dreams and visions and this is where we must exercise discernment!  I’ve always wondered why Lazurus didn’t have an NDE?!  Nor why Paul was silent concerning his translations!  In the end, we have to be led by his spirit!  I am not willing to throw out the baby with the bath water, again as the Lord does author dreams and visions!  Clearly all must be scrutinized, weighed and evaluated accordingly!  TR

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                              I do agree TR — I have not been one for dreams or visions during this dispensation, so I have relied solely on God’s Word.  It is fresh everyday and brings new discoveries daily as He speaks to us through His completed Word.  Per Revelation, I do believe that those left during the tribulation will again be given dreams and visions … It will come to pass afterwards, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, your sons and your daughters will prophecy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. Joel 2:28

                              John, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zachariah all have prophetic sayings that lead to this happening “in the last days”. — I take that to mean during the trib, when evil is rampant and those saved will need this to keep the faith as in before the cross — just my opinion :unsure:

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                              Patricia N.

                                I think we are already in the last days!


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                                  The last of the last!

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                                    Just waiting for the trumpet to sound and the cry of command and the Bride is out of here and God will have His judgement on his wayward wife Israel and on the earth. Rev 22:20 “come Lord Jesus” :prayer-hands:

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