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      We have been having issues with members trying to post links from other site material. When writing a post, if you are copying and pasting  from another source or site, please paste it into a notepad first to remove anything picked up from the source.  You can then paste it from the notepad into the post.  If not done in this way, posts will be hidden, because the site thinks it is spam.  This should resolve any issues.


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      We are still looking into it. This may or may not work. But, when text is copied directly from another page or source the site is thinking it is spam. But, there are others here who have copied from notepad and it still flagged it as spam so we need to keep looking into it. But for the time being try the notepad option if it is text from another site. A video link dropped directly into text should work fine though. I think. lol :wacko:

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