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      I suspect I am a little late to the party on at least some of this material, and many of you may have already seen one or both of these videos.  Also, I will ask for your forgiveness if either of these have already been posted here.

      I came across both of them in the last day or so and wanted to share for the benefit of those who may not have seen one or the other.  The first one is probably the better known video about the doctor/PHD scientist Judy Mikovits called Plandemic (if the link won’t work, google under the Brighteon video platform–YouTube has banned it).

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      The second one is more recent and is a lady named Jill Noble, who shares her experience as a participant on a White House Prayer call that inexplicably, at least at first, brought Dr. Deborah Birx onto that call uninvited.  What Jill shares about that call and specifically about Birx’s guideline recommendations gives us a very good idea of where they are going to try to take this regarding the Church.  Really surprised Facebook, at least as of the time of this post, has not censored this yet, so don’t be surprised if it is gone when you click on it.  (In some ways, we are already living in a banana republic with media censorship and propaganda.)

      On a recent White House Prayer call for faith leaders, Dr. Deborah Birx came on. (I know, I know…. but wait until you hear what she had to say!). Please keep your comments civil & respectful.

      Posted by Jill Noble on Monday, 15 June 2020

      The evil surrounding this whole plandemic just gets more extreme as the layers are uncovered.  Please Lord, come for Your people soon  Maranatha!!!



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      Hi Watchman,



      You can post video links (copy & paste) directly into your post, no need for any additional linking. :)

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      This post is a question specifically for Tammie, although anyone who is knowledgeable on the topic can feel free to jump in.  Based on your research and education, are masks of any value under any circumstances?  I know they lower oxygen levels below OSHA standards for the person wearing the mask very quickly and also increase CO2.  I have heard some say it is analogous to relying on a chain-linked fence to stop a golf ball.  Is that true in both directions?  I also read something in the New England Journal of Medicine essentially saying wearing masks has little value on stopping the spread of the virus.  Would be interested to hear your thoughts.



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      I’d say it more like a chain link fence trying to stop a pea or maybe a grain of sand. Up to 1,000 times smaller than the holes, in any case.   :mail:

      Bacteria are much larger than viruses and can easily spread when wearing masks as people are always adjusting them and touching them.

      My 2 cents, anyway.

      Oh and Jill Noble is awesome. :good:

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