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      About two days ago, if memory serves me correct on the timing, I came across a video on YouTube on one of the channels I subscribe to.  Now, a quick disclaimer.  I frequently need to remind myself that just because something is on YouTube, even if it shows up someplace that I tend to give credibility too, I still need to take things with that proverbial grain of salt and use spiritual discernment.

      That said, let me tell what I saw (and what has apparently since been taken down by YouTube).  The video purported to be a 2005 CIA briefing that had been videotaped where your friend and mine, Billg Ates, was making a private presentation to members of the intelligence community.  The gist of the roughly five-minute video was that he believed he had found a way to use vaccinations to alter a particular genetic characteristic that researchers had identified as a commonly observed quality in what he called religious fanatics.  I could not tell if that term was being used in a narrower sense for Islaamiic t-ists, or the broader sense that would include peaceful, law-abiding, Jesus-loving people like us.

      What was really creepy was that he was proposing that if the theory was accurate, they could use vaccinations (forced if necessary I presumed) to alter this genetic characteristic, and thereby theoretically alter the behavior of religious fundamentalists.

      This is getting so weird…Zombie Apocalypse.  Just found it.

      The other thing that caught my attention on a different video this week was how what gets implanted as part of the corona vaccination mechanism could potentially be something that acts as an antenna for 5G.  We become part of the “matrix”, so to speak.  Robert Breaker’s video below runs a little over an hour and is well worth the time imho.  I think it is an excellent summary video of where we are.  However, if you want to go directly to the part I am specifically alluding to, focus on the roughly ten minutes or so from 33:30-43:30ish.  I don’t know about you, but the more I hear about what they are planning on doing, the closer I think we must be to Jesus coming.  Maranatha!!!



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      God is revealing to the Saints, the plans of men!  Thereby confirming our short time here!  TR

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      David W. Roche

      This came out the year before the video was released. There might be a connection. I am not saying there is any validity to the “discovery.”

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