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      I believe truly much of our redemption experienced here on earth, IS meant even now, realizing that God enjoys us, ~  His Price for making us His Bride was too expensive not to ~

      ~~  adoration for Jesus, stirs our hearts with captivating desire for our Lord, . . .  blessed are His dear saved happily invited into His arms, His Heart, close to the Glorious God He is.

      Oh Majestic God, thank  You for loving us, giving us insight that even now we CAN ‘see’ Your Majesty and Strength and unimaginable Beauty by gifted faith . .  We were and are made to adore You ,     with spirited eternal love of Jesus,  continue to guide us closer,  Father, in the Comfort of  Your Spirit enjoying You, Lord, and the wonder of Your Presence truly near ~

      Oh,  blessed is the Bride of Christ designed in the greatest joy to experience ‘awe’ over the Glory of our God . .  at the core of our being so close to our God of Love and Grace, there is joy the world can’t understand  ~~ .

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      Given we are still the forge, I also believe that God is optimistic about our end!  Given His ability to peer into our future, and His commitment to never leave us or forsake us, our trust is well placed in Him!

      It is His finished work that reigns supreme.  No doubt what we don’t perfect in this life, will be finished in the next.



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