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      Humbly Irrelevant


      Where the Lord leads us, we must certainly follow,

      Whatever medicine He feeds us, we must surely swallow;

      We must unconditionally surrender to His Perfect Will,

      Enduring boldly in the deepest valley or climbing the highest hill.

      We must daily seek His guidance on what He would wish us to do,

      Faithfully following His lead — though we still are without any clue.

      We should dance to His tune, and joyfully sing His song,

      Possessing unwavering faith because He will NEVER lead us wrong.

      I wish we could love Him as much as He loves us,

      But we are pathetically human, and always making such a fuss;

      He promised to sustain us through the storm’s strongest winds,

      His Love is immeasurable — protecting our children, spouses, and friends.

      So we submit our daily supplications, which may not be answered this week,

      (If we only had access to God’s Calendar we could take a quick peek);

      So today is the day that we must share our Spiritual fitness,

      Tomorrow may never come and we will have missed our chance to witness.

      Venture boldly out and open your hearts to others in disarray,

      Tomorrow’s tempest may prevent the actions that you could have easily performed today;

      “Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in frames of silver” — God’s Word does state,

      So speak to a lost friend today and don’t put it off for a future date!

      If we can change the destiny of that last unsaved soul,

      Maybe this is our purpose in life — maybe this is our goal!

      We must reach out to that last person — otherwise Jesus will delay His Return,

      So don’t think that last lost soul is somebody else’s concern!

      If you love somebody, tell them. If you have failed at something, apologize and try again. If you have hurt somebody, ask for their forgiveness. If somebody has hurt you, ask for God’s strength to forgive them.

      Bridges can be reinforced, repaired, and rebuilt — but it takes work. Just remember Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “TUESDAY’S GONE” and John Fogerty’s (Credence Clearwater Revival)“SOMEDAY NEVER COMES” — and possibly this could inspire you to go forth and conquer in God’s Strength TODAY!!!

      We only have a little time left.  Our souls are saved, can we help one more person enter into our procession into Paradise?

      Happy New Year everybody!


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      Happy New Year Humbly – keep the pen writing until the trumpet sounds, I appreciate your words and encouragement. :prayer-hands:

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      Humbly, your gift of prose writing is such a blessing!  This particular one really spoke to me.  Thank you for your ministry!

      I believe all your marvelous writings and Dan’s puns are being stored as we speak in the clouds so we will have access to them in the heavenly library for all eternity.

      Looking forward to your marvelous writing skills to continue on the eternal side as you’re praising Jesus and describing the wonders and majestic beauty of life in heaven and on the restored earth.


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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Tammie:  Happy New Year to you also.  Per your instructions, I’ll keep the pen moving as long as I am able.  If I could only figure out how to use the keyboard to this computer?  ;-)

      Geri: I didn’t know that I had a ministry — that seems like a lot of pressure.  ;-)     I am glad that this spoke to you … I only wish that it might speak to a person on the fence out there somewhere.   I wrote this awhile back, and when I picked it up again I truly didn’t know where the words came from.  I know I wrote it because it was in my folder, but I don’t remember writing any of it.  This is why I like to think that the Holy Spirit guides my pen on the paper and has me push the “Submit” button.

      Otherwise, I’m pretty much a dufus most of the time.

      God bless,





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      Back some time again a song was written that comes to my mind in times like this. We never know the impact of the things we do. We do things that may seem to have no significance but we just never know who is watching, or reading. The song is called Thank You and was written by Ray Boltz. Here are the lyrics, I hope this blesses and encourages you!

      I dreamed I went to heaven
      You were there with me
      We walked along the streets of gold
      Beside the crystal sea
      We heard the angels singing
      Then someone called your name
      You turned and saw a young man
      He was smiling as he came

      He said friend, you may not know me now
      But then he said but wait
      You used to teach my Sunday school
      When I was only eight
      Every week you would say a prayer
      Before the class would start
      One morning when you said that prayer
      I asked Jesus in my heart

      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am a life that was changed
      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am so glad you gave

      Then another man stood before you
      And said remember the time
      A missionary came to your church
      His pictures made you cry
      You didn’t have much money
      But you gave it anyway
      Jesus took the gift you gave
      And that’s why I’m here today

      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am a life that was changed
      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am so glad you gave

      One by one they came,
      As far as the eye could see
      Each one somehow touched
      By your generosity
      Little things that you had done, sacrifices made
      Unnoticed on the earth, heaven now proclaims
      And I know up in heaven
      That you’re not supposed to cry
      But I was almost sure

      There were tears in your eyes
      As Jesus took your hand
      And you stood before the Lord
      And He said my child look around you
      For great is your reward

      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am a life that was changed
      Thank you for giving to the Lord
      I am so glad you gave
      I am so glad you gave
      I am so glad you gave

      Fair Use

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      Lovely lyrics of the “Thank You” song, Yohanan. :good:

      Reminds me of this inspirational song as well … its called

      Songwriters: Davinche / Kurtis Deshaun Williams / Louie St. Louis / Marcus Mybe / Peter Mcnulty-Connolly

      I dreamed my life was done. I stood before God’s Son.
      It was time to see what my reward would be
      With love He reviewed my life to count what was done for Christ.
      For that is what will last eternally

      See I’d done my best to share that Jesus really cares
      And He would save if they just believe
      Oh, but seldom did harvest come and so few did I see won
      Until the Lord said, “turn around and see.”

      Then He showed me the faces of the ones who’d come because of me.
      So many faces that my life had led to Calvary
      All those years I thought nobody saw as I labored in lowly places
      That’s when Jesus smiled and showed me all the faces.

      He said though you did not see the yield, you were faithful to plow the field
      At other times you helped me plant the seed
      No matter how small the task, you did just as I asked
      And thanks to you these souls have been set free.

      And for those years you thought nobody saw as you labored in lowly places
      One day He’ll smile and show you all the faces.
      … the faces… you’ll see their faces.


      – Fair Use-

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      Beautiful thoughts for sure.  On the heels of that Geri7 let me add the prayer of my latest thread entitled Intercession.

      Given the time we have left upon the face of this Earth, I believe the Lord’s heart would be pleased if we all turned our hearts towards intercession.


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      I might also add, that even the interaction we have on a website such as this ministers in places we can’t imagine. Let us continue to encourage, share and be a blessing by simply building up someone’s faith.

      We are all blessed with the fellowship that happens here, but none of can imagine the lives of those lurkers and one time visitors we may touch!

      Let us continue to redeem each day, to His glory! And we may all be wonderfully surprised.


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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Bumping up because this message is as relevant today as it was exactly one year ago.

      Hang in their my friends — we’re almost at the finish line.

      Your pal,


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      Yes we are! The door to heaven is ready to be flung wide open! :yahoo:

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      Very encouraging. Thank you, Humbly. :)

      Now is a lunge to the finish line.

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      Talk about a photo finish horse race!

      Four horses in the back stretch running towards the finish line!


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