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        I just read this piece that was posted about a month ago and found it fascinating.  A bit long and maybe a tad controversial, but worth a read:  https://www.unsealed.org/2023/04/dropping-hints_3.html?m=1

        Among other points, I’ve thought a lot lately about the crucifixion year, and I suspect the author is probably correct that God doesn’t want us to know for 100% sure.

        But the points about the forty years before the Temple was destroyed — wow.  And the things we’re seeing today…

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          According to Jewish tradition, the priests simply got busy and quietly sewed the curtain back together and pressed right on as if nothing had happened…and no doubt labeled any lingering rumors as pernicious conspiracy theories spread by heretics who foolishly clung to the absurd notion that the Nazarene trickster that had been executed was actually their anticipated Messiah.

          Interesting. Even though a serious miracle occurred, involving the ripping of such a thick curtain, which would not be an easy thing to achieve,  they still could not see.

          Just as in the Old Testament, He will still be a holy God living in a sinful world among natural men with sin natures. The chief difference is that during the Millennial Kingdom, those sinful men will be required to believe in faith in the work of atonement Christ accomplished on the cross to atone for their sin in the sense of removing the moral guilt—not merely the blood of bulls or goats as in Old Testament days. They will also have to maintain a faithful testimony. During the Millennial Kingdom, there will only be Passover/Unleavened Bread and the Feast of Tabernacles—the Day of Atonement has gone AWOL.

          This is interesting. I’ve wondered why there will be animal sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom, though this brings more questions than answers.

           The Day of Shouting (Yom Teruah): What most Christians call the Feast of Trumpets will be fulfilled by the Second Coming of Christ to the earth to launch His kingdom. And I referred to it by its more literal name just to remind you that what many believers (this writer included) routinely refer to as the “Feast of Trumpets” (a) is not one of the three “feasts” (those would be Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, and Tabernacles), and so does not foreshadow a gathering of people to God and so is not the Rapture. Also, it (b) arguably has precious little to do with trumpets. After the Second Coming, that’ll be a done deal.


           He will fulfill Pentecost when He catches away the Church at the Rapture.

          Pentecost works for me, though I am liking the idea of the 18th of May better. ;-)

          All I want you to see is that a good, reasonable argument can be made for AD 30 as the year of the Crucifixion, just is it can for several other years in that general time frame. 

          Hey, if it moves the timing of the rapture forward then I’m all for it. :yes:

          In a similar manner, only a small portion of the Church today grasps the import of the hints God is dropping that He is about to bring the Church Age to a screeching halt via the Rapture and focus His attention back to His people Israel in preparation for the Tribulation, during which they will be purged and ultimately blessed with their promised kingdom.

          Hints such as the REV12 sign of 2017, the solar eclipses of 2017 and 2024 that scrawl a big “X” across America, and any number of others.

          As if we needed such hints, that is. We are being so bombarded with the ongoing fulfillment of end-time prophecy that God scarcely needs to drop a whole lot of hints that the Rapture is dead ahead—His Word says it all.

          Yet He is dropping hints for those with ears to hear. So press in, stay close, and make sure the wax is cleaned out of your ears.

          It’s hint-dropping season.

          Works for me. We are living in amazing times! There are few epochs in the history of mankind that are on such a high point and we are living in one of them. Jesus will be back for His bride very soon, very possible this year!

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          Patricia N.

            Those were pretty big hints!  I wonder how the Jewish leaders explained them all away?  The changes must have been noticed.  But I’m sure they thought of some excuse.

            And yes, we have a lot of signs of our Lord’s soon coming that people are ignoring today too.  I think as society gets more and more evil, folks tend to just get used to that.  Like the frog in the slowly heating water, they will not notice until it is too late.

            I have heard a lot of preachers and teachers say that the dispensations all changed on Pentecost.  As the church age was born on Pentecost, perhaps it will end on Pentecost and we will leave then.

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              Yep, the average person is in denial with the signs of the times.  They can’t fathom life that we know it drastically changing.  Normal is not coming back … even at the drive thru food bank yesterday the offerings were not that spectacular like in the past.  No meat, no organic milk, no pint size ice creams or 6 half gallons, no cases of yogurts enough for every day for 4 weeks, no bags of chips/pretzels, sodas/ice teas, case of bottled water, no frozen pizzas, or frozen meals, frozen lasagnas, no pork loins got 6 one time. The only thing worth while in going was the 3 dozen eggs, the rest of the stuff was 6 long cucumbers, 2 cabbages, 2 bags of onions, 2 bags of apples, 2 cans of prego tomato sauce. Not very impressive. So I can tell they are having a hard time finding real food. Before you know it they will be handing out bugs. I went to the other food bank immediately following the drive thru since its right next door and dropped off some things and the lady in charge asked how the drive thru one was … I said not that great … the worth while item was 3 dozen eggs … but I explained no meat, dairy, etc.  She admitted she is not getting the freebies from the local groceries stores either for the handouts .. its far and few and then I mentioned well … there have been an awful lot of “fires” at these manufacturing food plants … and they do want us to eat bugs. I wanted to see her reaction … I couldn’t believe it … she was not grossed out in the thought of it… instead she was  trying to justify it with well … China eats all sorts of bugs so its must be ok.🙄🥴     No its not ok I wanted to yell back … but held it inside and walked away shaking my head.  The unsaved are just clueless sudden destruction is nearing.

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              Avatar photoDonna
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                  I need to remember her when I’m complaining about chronic pain. There’s not so much to complain about after all.

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                  Avatar photoDonna

                    me, too Yohanan . .  this chronic pain in my left leg is nothing compared to her situation, and her patience is so admirable . .  I so appreciate this saint of our God . .

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                      She is such an inspiration! My little discomfort in nothing by comparison. I can easily get around and have complete mobility in my hands. Yet she, with her debilities, chooses to praise God. Great video, Donna!

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