Eclipse Reveals Surreal Glowing Fungus

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      Patricia N.

      Not particularly prophetic, just interesting.

      Lunar eclipse reveals surreal glowing fungus on Washington beach

      “A photographer went out to the beach along the Washington coast to capture the eerie sight of the lunar eclipse Friday morning but instead was treated to something even spookier that looked like something straight out of Ghostbusters: Glowing green blobs on a log.”

      “It wasn’t some nuclear accident or extra-terrestrial sludge; instead, it was bioluminescent fungus!  Also generally known as “foxfire.”

      “. . . . as soon as the moon went dark, Matt Nichols says he saw things glowing on the beach.  They were glowing bright green, extremely visible to the naked eye. As soon as the eclipse was over, and the moon was shining bright again, I could no longer see the logs glowing,” Nichols said.

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      We had Foxfire in the north Georgia mountains but it doesn’t take an eclipse to see it at night.

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      Natural but creepy.

      Probably where they got the idea for the bioluminescent luciferase.

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