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        Seems to me that my spirit can walk in peace.  I believe that I have every assurance that we shall all end up where we belong, Heaven or Hell.

        Though the allure of Heaven, glory, perfection, joy and love sounds most attractive, the draws of Heaven must include a personal & intimate relationship with our Creator God!  Therein will many choose to forego Heaven!

        Given it is by the unction of the Holy Spirit that people are saved or lost.  For there comes a time when even the Lord turns people over to their reprobate minds.

        God is still in control, as He directs His evangelistic needs. Certainly anyone who doesn’t love Jesus & God with their whole being, would be as a fish out of water in Heaven.  He will most certainly be miserable.

        And after Judgement Day, everyone in Hell will hate being there, but will know that their own choices resigned them to be there.  G0d has not been mean or vicious, but righteous!

        Though our mistakes are without number, God never makes a mistake.  Whom He calls into His Heavenly home will by grace deserve to be there!  And those that are banished to Hell, will also deserve their eternal dwelling!

        No one will go to Hell because I failed to witness.  And when I do witness, the choice is still theirs to make!  But if my witness is effective, others have worked the fallow ground before me!

        Any thoughts on the matter?




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          How ironic that Heaven will be populated by sinners, and Hell will be overflowing with a lot of good people!



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            Ahhh . . . .   lively faith filled,  meat serving words, T.R . .

            God has made mankind with a will to choose ~~  to love Him or reject Him ~~ our Glorious Majestic God paid His epic price to invite sinners to commune with Him, .     What Grace!  What Mercy,  and His price so great, immeasurable  ~~

            ~    He gives His dear saved His Spirit abiding~His Word so faithful and true ~ ~   our God of Infinite Power assures us His promises are real,  ~ ~  we have true identity resting our spirits to His ~~ , for God has given us peace  the world can’t understand ~

            ~   locked in His Power to never let us go, we have His assurance,  even now,  knowing Jesus ever  moving our eager hearts  closer to Jesus ~~ oh, to ‘look’ and taste a touch of Heaven here and now  ~   til the rapture    ~  our Adored God is never too busy for His children, delighting to be our Father ~

            ~ our Lord confirms it, . Jesus our LORD shall lose none of whom all the Father has given Him ~  ~~  This side of the Cross, we are drawn to the Risen Lord, thankful for His Comforter, Hallelujah!    Ever kept IN the One Who IS altogether ‘Other” . .     in the midst of His Infinite Splendor,  the Great  I AM has promised rich blessings so near Him  .  ~~ ~  unto our God of Amazing assurance we are His  ~~  ~~

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