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        The Temple Institute

        The Temple Institute has exciting news to share with you about a major advance in our efforts to raise a red heifer whose ashes can be used for purification – a huge step toward the building of the Holy Temple and the renewal of the Divine service! Join us for a live feed at 5:00 PM Israel time, (in USA, 10:00 AM Eastern time, 9:00 AM Central time, 8:00 AM Mountain time, 7:00 AM Pacific time).


        Moving of crate to loading truck at about 23:30


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          Here is a  comment from Lisa’s Watchwoman65 channel 

          Watchman 88 stated Red Heifers going to Israel this morning. While he was on a person wrote that they’d landed in Israel. I looked it up and yes 5 red heifers were flown from Texas to Israel this morning.


          Then on Chad’s Watchman on the Wall 88

          The red Heifers ‘s have arrived!! Temple institute posted!

          They have to quarantine for 10 days which makes them acceptable on Rosh Hashanah on their calendar

          In the speech welcoming the red heifers, the speaker compares it to when the first men landed on the moon!!! Wow! I’m so excited!!! This means that Jesus is coming to take us HOME to heaven!


          He said in the video 8 to 10 days. A german speaker said all would remember where they were on September 24th so that’s around the time the Heifer will be ready and WW3 will be kicked off possibly


          Well  I know last year they came to Texas to examine them and they must have remained pure otherwise they wouldn’t have shipped them all the way to Israel. It was mostly in Hebrew with a guy translating a little but they were super excited and singing.


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          So it looks like they will slaughter the heifers on Saturday, September 24th :popcorn

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              That’s right Geri, I remember when the rabbis came to Texas a year ago. They must be perfect or atleast one of them must be.


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            Avatar photoDonna

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                Anybody an Andy Woods fan?

                Someone posted …

                “Dr Andy Woods said they flew them in from Texas and will now breed them in Israel as they have to be born in Israel” 🙄

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                Say WHAAAAT?   And some watchers were sooooooo jubilant with “his statement” because then the rapture wont happen anytime soon. :negative:

                All I can say is … Jesus warned us … There will be people trying to steal your crown for watching and longing for His return.


                Revelation 3:11

                Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

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                  That poor heifer has to be sacrificed.. :( Sorry I have a soft heart.. I know it will live on in heaven!! :) And we will see it again someday!

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                    A heifer is a young female cow that has never had a calf. So do they have a perfect bull? And the way genetics work, that still is no guarantee that the offspring would be perfect.

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                      I believe Dr Woods is mistaken.

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                        That would be such a waste of time and money to bring the heifers over if that were the case.

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                            I agree … I’m going to have to try to find what he said … I was to annoyed last night to do it.   Most people don’t realize when they bring out the Ark of the Covenant and the other items from its hiding place and if the old ashes from long ago have been saved  … they technically can still use them as well.

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                              It’s a waste anyways.  The Lord already provided his Son as a perfect sacrifice.  It’s really a slap in God’s face.

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                                  Sadly the nation of Israel already slapped Jesus in the face 2,000 years ago.  Why is God so patient?  :unsure: :-(

                                  Well for one, I am grateful for His patience. :yahoo: :good:

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                                      Will there be animal sacrifices during the millennial kingdom?

                                      Per Gotquestion.org

                                      There are several passages in the Old Testament that clearly indicate animal sacrifice will be re-instituted during the millennial kingdom. Some passages mention it in passing as the topic of the millennial kingdom is discussed, passages like Isaiah 56:6-8; Zechariah 14:16; and Jeremiah 33:15-18.

                                      The passage that is the most extensive, giving the greatest detail, is Ezekiel 43:18-46:24. It should be noted that this is part of a greater passage dealing with the millennial kingdom, a passage that begins with Ezekiel 40. In Ezekiel 40, the Lord begins to give details of the temple that will exist during the millennial kingdom, a temple that dwarfs all other temples previously built, even Herod’s temple that was quite large, which existed during the earthly ministry of Christ.

                                      After giving details concerning the size and appearance of the temple and the altar, the Lord then begins to give detailed instruction as to the animal sacrifices that will be offered (Ezekiel 43:18-27). In chapter 44, the Lord gives instructions as to who will be offering sacrifices to the Lord. The Lord states that all of the Levites will not be offering blood and fat to the Lord due to previous sin; it will be those from the lineage of Zadok (verse 15). Chapters 45 and 46 continue to mention that animal sacrifices will be made.

                                      The primary objection made to the idea of animal sacrifices returning during the millennial kingdom is that Christ has come and offered a perfect sacrifice for sin, and there is therefore no need to sacrifice animals for sin. However, it must be remembered that animal sacrifice never removed the sin that spiritually separated a person from the Lord.

                                      Hebrews 10:1-4 says, “For the Law, since it has only a shadow of the good things to come and not the very form of things, can never by the same sacrifices year by year, which they offer continually, make perfect those who draw near. Otherwise, would they not have ceased to be offered, because the worshipers, having once been cleansed, would no longer have had consciousness of sins? But in those sacrifices there is a reminder of sins year by year. For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins” (NASB).

                                      It is incorrect to think that animal sacrifices took away sins in the Old Testament, and it is incorrect to think they will do so in the millennial kingdom. Animal sacrifices served as object lessons for the sinner, that sin was and is a horrible offense against God, and that the result of sin is death. Romans 3:20 says, “Because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin.”

                                      Most premillennial scholars agree that the purpose of animal sacrifice during the millennial kingdom is memorial in nature. As the Lord’s Supper is a reminder of the death of Christ to the Church today, animal sacrifices will be a reminder during the millennial kingdom. To those born during the millennial kingdom, animal sacrifices will again be an object lesson. During that future time, righteousness and holiness will prevail, but those with earthly bodies will still have a sin nature, and there will be a need to teach about how offensive sin is to a holy and righteous God. Animal sacrifices will serve that purpose, “but in those sacrifices there is a reminder of sins year by year” (Hebrews 10:3).

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                                  If they have revealed that they have 5, then there is usually more to the story. I thought I heard a few years ago that they were already trying to breed some in Israel.  Maybe they are just adding to the herd. It could be that they just haven’t revealed that some have already been born in Israel. They are always teasing us!

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                                    Check minute 10:20 thru 11:45 for what Dr Woods said in this video.  If he says something else somewhere else I would be surprised.

                                    Anyway, we will be gone before the Temple is purified and red heifer ashes are only one component among many before the Temple is ready for sacrifices…

                                    So, no sweat!! :negative: :yahoo: B-)


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                                        :thankyou  Dan for finding Andy’s take!

                                        Aye yai yai :wacko:  boy did that lady who posted “what Andy said” get it ALL wrong! And she said it with such confidence and nobody questioned that doesn’t sound right.   It reminds me of playing the gossip telephone game and the teacher whispers into the ear of one student and that student whispers to the classmate next to them and so on and the last person hast to relay what the gossip was all about and its usually … totally off the mark.

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                                        Update … from the youtube I just watched … it doesn’t look like the red heifers are ready (of age) until the Fall of 2023 …



                                        The Temple Institute already said they know where the red heifer sacrifice will take place so this means they have already made arrangements and got the a-ok approval.  The Bible says the offering of the Red Heifer hast to be a certain distance away from the Temple on the east side … so there is a strong speculation that it will be on the Mount of Olives … on the grounds of the Pater Noster Church … either where the row of trees are ..


                                        Or in the roadside or walk way of the church grounds, with the view of the Temple Mount in sight




                                        In the comment section someone posted

                                        there needed to be about 2000 cubits between the ark of the covenant and the area outside of the camp (Joshua 19:3-4). In addition, the red heifer was slain in view of the temple to the east, outside the camp (Number 19:3) and somewhere on the Mount of Olives. There are also 3 references that suggest that the valley and brook of Kidron was already outside of Jerusalem because items of idolatry from within the temple were destroyed there (2 Kings 23:6, 1 Kings 15:12-13, 2 Chronicles 29:16. This information allows for a red heifer altar on the lower slope of the Mount of Olives just beyond the Kidron Valley instead of the summit.

                                        – Fair Use –


                                        And how fitting that when Jesus comes back He will put His feet on the Mount of Olives and splits the mountain and the Eastern Gate that was closed up will be opened :whistle:

                                        Okay now that we have the timeline of when they will “perhaps” be doing the sacrifice in Fall of 2023 … that doesn’t mean the church hast to still be here since we leave in Rev. 4:1 and have a meet and greet with our loved ones and friends and a RITA reunion partea to attend, a Bema rewards ceremony to attend, a wedding ceremony to attend, a praise service to attend, then we watch Jesus, who is Worthy, open up the seals and it kicks off the tribulation …

                                        So any guesses when the church flies out of Dodge City planet earth to the safe haven of Sweet Beulah Land? B-)

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                                          Another thought … I used to think FOT would be the rapture time but someone brought out the fact the first 3 spring feasts were fulfilled in a short span of time in the same year … so wouldn’t the same thing apply for the remaining 3 fall feasts get fulfilled in the short span of time in the same year without a 7 year gap?  So could it be Feast of Trumpets is really reserved for the 2nd Coming and Yom Kippur is the judgement of the nations (separation of sheep from the goats) and Feast of Tabernacles will be the kick off /entering into the Millennium period?

                                          So when is the rapture … any old day or … will it be Pentecost 2023? I know its a scary thought thinking of Pentecost 2023 … 289 more days … eeek!   Or perhaps once the feasts are fulfilled there is no going back for a 2nd do over fulfillment and its any old day … or with the U.N. peace and safety speech of dividing up Jerusalem to be alert and sober for?   B-)

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                                            Hmmm … here are more interesting comments: :popcorn


                                            One of the Rabbi guys says they already have the old red heifers ashes.


                                            They were 5 months when the Rabbi’s went to Texas to see them the first time last year.


                                            Byron Stinson, an American farmer and cattle raiser in Texas provided 5 heifers (young female cows) to Israel … therefore, he also knew the ages of those Heifers.


                                            Some of those heifers definitely looked older than 1 year old in that video. While they are not all the same size, some were significantly larger and more developed than others.  I’m not a rancher, but I am a Texas boy.  I see cattle all the time.  It is also difficult to do from afar, but using my general sense of judgement, and mostly basing it on the size of those heifers in the first video (and from the other Christian channels showing more footage of the heifers), some of those cattle appear to be @ 2-ish year old (+ – ).   So one does have to ask healthy questions and questions if they are widely & deliberately throwing their “enemies” off.


                                            So true! Otherwise why bring them over a year plus in advance.  Very astute.


                                            You haven’t been told the truth about the ages of these heifers.  They were all born in Jan/Feb 2021.  They will be 2 year old in Jan/Feb 2023.  These heifers weren’t tagged by the government in 2021 due to the Covid restrictions at that time. 


                                            Something most people do not know.  The Temple Institute already has possession of two (2) perfect red heifers (or were perfect) that should come of age very soon.  The Temple Institute is very hush hush about those heifers and are not saying anything about them, if they are still perfect.  The 5 could be a decoy to take attention of the other 2.  They have to keep the two out of the limelight for many reasons.  The Muslims, animal right activists and others do not want those heifers to be sacrificed under any circumstances.  I guess we will have to see, time will tell. By the way, the Temple Institute also “claims” they know where the Ark of the Covenant is located as well. I hope that is true.


                                            – Fair Use –

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                                              Hi XoxoSumptingood! Welcome to the group!

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                                                Yes welcome!!!  TR

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                                                  Bumping this thread again

                                                  I was listening to this informative 53 minute youtube about any updates on the red heifers.  Boy, I never expected to be blown away by this insider news that was brought to the surface by watcher, Kimberly.  Why this particular red heifer named, Dixie, will probably be thee one that will be slaughtered vs. the other 5 red heifers. And she will explain why she feels the “covenant with the many” is not a peace and security paper contract with other nations like we been taught to expect … but … she brings a strong case it will be a blood covenant between the false messiah and the Jewish people who are (the many).  It sounds like … the false messiah will actually slaughter the red heifer and not the Jewish Levi priests. This is a blood oath he makes with them and it will kick in the daily sacrifices.   Dixie,  will be ready in Spring, 2024 (Passover time?)… so that means the rapture hast to happen before then … so the odds for a 2023 rapture is looking mighty high.  :whistle:

                                                  I would love to know your feedback after viewing this youtube. Its far out different than what we were taught but I think it could actually seriously unfold this way :yes:



                                                  “Urgent Message – The Red Heifer story with Dixie!  As it was in the days of Lot & Covenant with Many!”


                                                  – Fair Use –

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                                                    WOW, Kimberly is really bringing it today … here is another informative 45 minute youtube.   You will want to see … The title is …

                                                    Urgent Message!  Antichrist revealing the camel going through the eye of a needle & the Rich man UTJ


                                                    – Fair Use –

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