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      Cool in the Fire

      When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. O God, I praise your word. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?Psalm 56:3-4
      Have you ever found yourself in such a frightening situation that it pushed your “panic button”? Some people face that kind of fear because of a dreadful circumstance. Others may fear failure, rejection, illness, or death. Children often fear the dark and want their parents to hold their hand as they walk into a dark room.

      Whatever you fear, you don’t have to handle it alone by working harder, trying to control things, living in denial, or worst of all, backing away from God and his promises. Instead, these Scripture verses tell us we can turn to God when we are afraid. As we honestly admit what we’re afraid of, our fear can actually draw us closer to the Lord than we ever thought possible. Reading God’s promises in the Bible gives us assurance that we are not alone in this fearful place. God has promised to be with you in every situation and to never leave you, so you can put your trust in him. He is the source of our courage and security. He can turn your fear into faith.

      LORD, you have said that when I’m afraid, at the very point of my anxiety, I can put my trust in you and experience your protection. I thank you for your Word that promises your presence with me. You are my heavenly Father, so please hold my hand in dark and frightening circumstances, and help me to trust you and walk close to you today.

      Your fear is a handle for laying hold on God. When you stop running and face your fear head on with faith, you find God. It is his presence and power that move us beyond our fears—past, present, and future.Bruce Larson

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      Thank you for this. I find myself easily distracted. This is like a tall cool glass of water. :good:

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      Amy, nice post! Always like reading Hal Lindsey too. Among believers we can be excited to see God at work, we are the terminal generation, we have a front row seat to watch the unfolding of Gods word in action … No fear, Just Faith —— No worry, Just Worship!
      It seems so surreal to actually be living and seeing all of this unfold, have to pinch myself ….. many of the lost have fear (we know who that author is), or young believers (get anxious with the goings on in the world), because they have not grown to realize what an amazing God we serve! David always lifted his voice in praise of the awesome power and acknowledged God’s power over the impossible and very soon, we will get to stand in His presence! The Lord of Lords, King of Kings, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Father, our Bridegroom, our Friend! Hallelujah and Amen, come Lord Jesus! :prayer-hands:

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