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      I wanted to share in more detail about a hypothetical timeline for a possible 2020 Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) rapture, which I “stumbled” into as I was mulling over a number of different pieces of the prophetic puzzle.  Disclaimer: This is NOT in any way being presented as “thus says the Lord” and I am NOT being dogmatic about this timeline.  Just sharing my thoughts about a timeframe that seems fascinating to me.

      Let me start out by acknowledging there are many biblical prophecy scholars, most of whom are much smarter than I am, who have long considered the Feast of Trumpets as a high watch date each year for a potential harpazo.  So, from that perspective, the conclusion I reach here is nothing new or different.  However, what is different about this than anything else I have personally read or seen so far is how we get there.

      That said, let me start out by sharing some of the key assumptions that undergird this timeline:

      1) I am going to assume that if the rapture takes place on Yom Teruah in 2020, as this theory speculates, the physical second coming of the Lord Jesus would then be the next feast to be fulfilled at Yom Kippur, seven years later.  (I know many believe that Jesus will fulfill all 3 fall feasts in the same year just like He did at His first coming, and I have tended to think that myself.  However, for this proposed timeline to “work”, the assumption must be as stated above.)

      2) The fall season of 2020 is assumed to be the last fall that would allow Daniel’s 7-year 70th week (aka the 7-year tribulation period) to run its full course to completion in the fall of 2027, thereby not exceeding the outer limit of 80 years for the fig tree generation to “see all these things”.  In other words, the assumption is that Israel turns 80 on 5/14/28, using the 5/14/48 date as the starting point of the fig tree generation.

      3) I am using the date of 10/10/27 as the date for Yom Kippur 2027 for Jesus’ 2nd coming. (Sunset 10/10/27 through sunset 10/11/27).

      4) With the assumption of 10/10/27 as Yom Kippur, adding 75 days to that date lands on Saturday, 12/24/27 as the 2595th day (1260+1335=2595) from Yom Teruah in 2020.  Millennial Temple dedication at the start of the Millennial Kingdom?  (For those who may not know, the first day of Chanukah, which commemorates and celebrates the cleansing and rededication of the second Temple, is usually 75 days after Yom Kippur).

      5) I am assuming that historically there was a 57-day dispensational transition “gap” between the ending of Daniel’s 69th week on Palm Sunday and the start of the age of grace on what we understand to be the traditional day of Pentecost.  That same 57-day grace period will be assumed after the rapture and before the 70th week begins at the “making greater” of the Daniel 9:27 covenant when the AC confirms it with the many.  Why 57 days?  My best guess is that 5 represents grace and 7 represents God’s perfection/completion.  57 days ushered in the perfect age of grace we now find ourselves living in, and 57 days to mark its completion when transitioning back to the 70th week.

      OK.  So with those assumptions in place and hopefully clearly understood, let me take you through the calculation that ends up on Yom Teruah, 9/19/20.  Once you understand the assumptions above, it is really a pretty basic calculation.  You simply start at Yom Kippur 2027 and work your way back.

      1) Start with 10/10/27 as Yom Kippur and the assumed date of the 2nd Coming

      2) Subtract 2520 days (1260 + 1260 = 2520 days combining both halves of the 70th week) which takes you to 11/15/20, the date that the 70th week must start in order to finish on Yom Kippur 2027.

      3) From 11/15/20 subtract 57 additional days as the transitional dispensational gap from the date of the rapture to the start of the 70th week (this mirrors the exact same number of days in the Palm Sunday to Pentecost dispensational transition gap).

      4) That takes you to a 9/19/20 theoretical rapture date, which falls on Yom Teruah 2020!

      Now, I fully understand that you may have already been looking at Yom Teruah as a very high watch time, but perhaps this information will move it a little higher?  Maranatha!!!

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      Thanks, we can only hope!

      If it looks like Sept, smells like Sept, and quacks prophetically like Sept…then it must be Rapture September!


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      Nice work. :)

      Makes a lot of sense. Hanukkah starts on December 25th in 2027. I believe that Jesus was conceived on Hanukkah and that would make sense to commemorate that. Life, after all, begins at conception.

      The numbers seem to line up pretty well. Count me a little more intrigued. :good:


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      I love it, Watchman35!

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      Perhaps Today

      Great post Watchman35. :yahoo:

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      Indeed!  Though I would have liked to have been Raptured before now, I’ll take this September!!!

      Works for me!  Does it work for ya’ll?!


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        YES!  My calendar for September is free and clear of appointments … the only thing I have written down is … Eternal vacation with Jesus and His saints! :good:   “See ya … in September”   :whistle:

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          Leaving Soon

          Every single day on my calendar including February 29th’s are free and clear for our wonderful Saviour to come and get me !

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      Well, hmmmmm, yep I can clear Sept….. :mdrmdr: My new eternal calendar should be arriving via “Prime delivery” – GOD of the universe any moment now! :prayer-hands:  He does not honk a horn, He will blow the Shofar far and wide ….. :prayer-hands:

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