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      Though we ARE in this world we’re NOT OF IT ~ ~  annnnnnnnnnd if we’re still here after Sept/Oct. . it becomes more apparent we shall ‘grieve’ over still being in this world we’re not OF  ~  ~ There are just days it is so not easy to be  ‘stayed’ , ‘still, and focused’ on God’s perspective timing ~

      ~  while reading these deeply felt words below by Robert Malone, it is such a gift that we can know for sure how faithful and true our God is and His Promise to rapture us so God ordained.   , . .  our Father God’s Hand I believe is practically on the ‘buzzer’ to wrap up the end of these last of the last days.  As well, no doubt Christ’s Hand is on the doorknob ready to open the door and appear in the clouds for the call of His own.

      I am picturing the Throne of Heaven where God’s Love/fellowship between the Father and the Son, is getting quite anticipatory about the 2nd coming . . ,   . . The Father surely is almost ready to announce  to His Son, ‘go fetch Your Bride.   I am picturing the Son turning to look at His Father’s blessed Smile so Heartfelt in communion that it’s ‘time’ .   ,  while all of Heaven’s hosts are riding the crested waves of exitement,  surely they feel the thrill that Christ’s call is about to commence  . .

      I like how Daniel 12:4 is so revelatory today, the book  NOW opened, unsealed to read and understand:    “THEN the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever. But you, Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. ~ ~ ~


      From Dr Robert Malone:

      “To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on….To all my conspiracy realist friends….
      Yes, sometimes it’s a curse and not always a blessing to be awake. Awakening is the most liberating, alienating, excruciating, empowering, lonely, confusing, freeing frightening, expansive journey. If you find yourself struggling as you try to process all this insanity, you are not alone.

      No-one talks about the darkness that accompanies awakening, or the grief, not only grieving the life and illusions you once had, but the realisation that almost everything you thought you once knew is a lie. The beliefs you’ve held, people you’ve trusted, principles you were taught – all lies.

      Shattering illusions is rarely an enjoyable experience. There is a considerable amount of discomfort that comes with growth and the grieving process does not stop there. With these new found realisations you find yourself grieving all over again. Grieving for our children knowing all too well the broken world they are inheriting. Grieving the loss of many relationships with people who just don’t ‘get it’.

      Feeling alone, being ridiculed and shamed, not only by the masses but, for many of you, your very own family and friends too. Feeling like you no longer have much in common with the people you are surrounded by. Struggling with carrying on meaningless conversations that lack substance with those who are still fast asleep. Even feeling disconnected from your entire support system because they can’t see what you see. Some even grieve the loss of their ignorance – because ‘ignorance is bliss’ and reality is harsh.

      Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone. There is no way to sugar coat it – awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions.


      You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that’s a skill people don’t talk about enough.

      Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it’s as though they exist in another world. Please know you are not alone and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing with you.  We may be separated by miles but we are deeply connected; in purpose and in spirit.”

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      Donna — thank you for posting this — it is truly saying how many of us are feeling. It is as if we are indeed in this present world, but not really of the world — the feeling of walking alone and longing to go home is so overwhelming at times and then you see the evil growing — it can be painful to know all the ones who will believe the great lie. :prayer-hands: :cry:

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      Avatar photoDonna

      Sure does feel overwhelming for us watchers these days, Tammie ~ ~

      My friend Janna wrote these ‘sentiments’ we’re feeling:

      ~~ ~ “This morning, I just came across this statement from Amir Tsarfati, while reading his Telegram posts:
      “The time span of the spring festivals of the Jews from Passover to Pentecost is less than 8 weeks.

      The time span of the fall festivals of the Jews from Trumpets to the end of Tabernacles is less than 4 weeks.
      The first batch was fulfilled in 32AD in less than 8 weeks.

      The second one will be fulfilled at the end of the Tribulation in less than 4 weeks.

      Just as the rapture of Jesus to heaven in 32 AD wasn’t on any festival so the rapture of the church doesn’t necessarily need to be on any festival.

      The second coming of Jesus to Israel to reign will begin the fulfillment of the fall festivals just as his death as the Passover lamb began the fulfillment of the spring festivals.”
      He just described the doctrine of imminence. What I was taught over 45 years ago. Jesus can come for us any moment.

      What makes this moment in history more special, for our generation, than generations in the past? In His Word, He has promised us that we would see the Day approaching, and if we’re watching, it will not come on us like a thief in the night.

      “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that that Day should overtake you as a thief. You are all the children of Light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” (1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:4-6)

      Right now, we most definitely see the Day approaching. Anyone who is watching, with expectancy, knows that He’s coming for us, when the world is going about their daily lives; still buying and selling, still marrying, and giving in marriage, still building, and planting. Just like in the days of Noah, and Lot.


      In other words, they are still going to work, and earning a living. With all the governments in the world, seemingly trying to deliberately collapse their own economies, so they can implement the one world economy, this “normal” life is about to change.


      Even the secular world can see changes coming.
      I don’t believe for one second that our Lord would allow all of His watchman, those of us who have been given an insatiable desire to warn others about the impending destruction that’s about to come on this whole world, to continue to lie. He would put a stop to it immediately!

      1 Samuel 12:22 The Lord will not forsake His people for His Great Name’s sake, for it has pleased Him to make you a people for Himself.

      Psalm 138:2 I will worship toward Your holy temple and praise Your Name for Your loving-kindness and for Your Truth and faithfulness; for You have exalted above all else Your Name and Your Word and You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name!

      The Lord’s reputation is in His Name and His Word. He would NEVER allow those whom He’s called to be His watchman, to warn the people of what’s quickly approaching, to teach from His Word, in His Name, to continue to tell lies. He would put a stop to it for the sake of His Name and Word!

      Instead, He has increased our excitement, and joy! With each “contraction”, which are coming so fast and furious, we can barely take a breath before the next one hits, He is encouraging us to continue.
      Believe me! I am tired! My flesh wants to stop! However, He has lit a fire inside of me! Don’t you think, if His appearance isn’t going to happen any day now, He would extinguish the fire?

      It’s His desire for all to come to Him.
      Even so, Come Lord Jesus! Amen!

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      Well stated!  We cab look at scriptural history, the Word, and even prophetic implications but our greatest point of focus is to know the Lord’s heart!  Ergo, being led by His Spirit in all things!  TR

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      I so feel the rapture is any day now … :whistle:

      I was watching a Nelson Walters youtube … his latest one is fascinating …I think he cracked the code of when the tribulation will start.  He shows Scripture to back up his theory.  In Leviticus … God says to Israel to divide the years into (7 Shemitah cycles) whereas in our culture we divide the calendar years into decades (10 year cycles).

      Daniel 9:24 states … Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

      69 weeks were already fulfilled

      (1 week remains … 1 week = 7 years )  7 years left for the time of Jacob’s trouble.  So the tribulation can’t start on any random day … it hast to begin on one of God’s New Years Day for the next 7 year cycle to be fulfilled.  There are 2 Jewish New Years

      Tishri 1  – (FEAST of TRUMPETS) is the beginning of the new year … it was also the 6th day of Creation … “Let Us make man in our image”  Adam and Eve’s birthday.  Will our glorified bodies be on the same birthday as Adam and Eve?

      This year the full day of Feast of Trumpets falls on … 9/26/22 (starts sundown 9/25 and ends sundown 9/27/22) Coincidence … Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate,

      So … now we have Israel’s PM Yair Lapid  agreeing to divide up the Holy Land for peace and safety yesterday at the United Nations.   We know this is what the UN wants .. so is the AC confirming it right now behind the scenes and will it get announce the acceptance on September 26th or September 27th? :unsure:    And it kicks in the Tribulation?   AND the church is gone away before it happens …

      :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:

      Nisan 10 – (PASSOVER) is the religious new year …  Nelson Walters believes that Feast of Trumpets will start the tribulation period and the middle of the tribulation lands exactly on Nisan 10 (Passover) the beginning of the religious new year when the AC breaks the covenant and defiles the temple.

      And the end of the tribulation … I think he said lands on Yom Kippur  (2nd Coming . Judgment of the nations … separating of sheep from Goats)

      Feast of Tabernacles – when millennium kicks in and God dwells with man

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        Forgive me for mentioning it Geri, but Nisan 14 is Passover… No matter though.  :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:

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      I’m just too excited to speak, my spirit is doing leaps and bounds tho :yahoo: :flyup:

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        Oh and the 77th UN General Assembly sessions  started on 9/13/22 and will end on 9/27 … coincidence it ends on Feast of Trumpets? :popcorn   so can you picture them announcing the 2 state solution contract as some “good thing” and now we have “peace and safety” …

        Then sudden destruction comes …


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      Everybody ready for tomorrow? :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

      Any clues on what will happen :mail:  the day no one will forget and you will be asking where were you on this day in years to come …

      All I know for sure it will be …



      flipped 9 over ………………………. 6

      2 + 4 ………………………….………… 6

      Add the deuces 2022…………..…. 6

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      The last time we watchers as a whole were so excited that we stayed up all night waiting for the rapture was September 2015. That was a Shemitah cycle ago…seven years. Now, seven years later, we are all on the edge of our seats again, this time with much more pointing to our homecoming, much more insight and knowledge. I find that interesting. Maybe we have it right this time?!

      :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:

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        Goodness … 7 years ago?  I’ve always been looking up every Feast of Trumpets …

        I’m curious what made Sept 2015 so important?

        Was it the last of the blood moon cycles?

        The pope visited the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) also visited the United Nations for a speech there too.

        Obama was president and flooded the White House with colorful lights showing his support for the gay agenda.

        Anything else?  Was the stock market tanking back then too?

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      The blood moon’s were a big part of it. I don’t recall all the other things. I’m old and that was seven years ago! LOL

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      I have lost track now, but seems like I saw that there is a legal agreement to be signed at the UN on the last day?  I saw one watcher post the agenda.  Anyone know?  Or was it on this forum?

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      Avatar photoDonna

      UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid called on Thursday for a two-state solution to decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reasserted that Israel would do “whatever it takes” to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

      His mention of a two-state solution, the first by an Israeli leader in years at the United Nations General Assembly, echoed U.S. President Joe Biden’s support in Israel in August for the long-dormant proposal.

      “An agreement with the Palestinians, based on two states for two peoples, is the right thing for Israel’s security, for Israel’s economy and for the future of our children,” Lapid said.

      He added any agreement would be conditioned on a peaceful Palestinian state that would not threaten Israel.

      Lapid spoke less than six weeks before a Nov. 1 election that could return to power the right-wing former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a longstanding opponent of the two-state solution.

      Israel captured East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza – areas that Palestinians seek for an independent state – in a 1967 Middle East war. U.S.-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian peace talks collapsed in 2014.

      In his speech, Lapid again denounced Iran and voiced Israel’s determination to prevent its longtime foe from gaining a nuclear weapon.

      “The only way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is to put a credible military threat on the table,” he said. “We have capabilities and we are not afraid to use them.”

      Prime Minister of Israel Yair Lapid addresses the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York City, U.S., September 22, 2022. REUTERS/Mike Segar
      Widely believed to have the Middle East’s only nuclear weapons, Israel regards Iran as an existential threat. Tehran denies trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

      Efforts to reach a two-state Israeli-Palestinian deal have long been stalled.

      Palestinians and rights groups say Israel has entrenched its control of the occupied Palestinian territories through its military rule over millions of Palestinians and persistent settlement construction.

      Wasel Abu Youssef, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told Reuters that Lapid’s words “mean nothing.”

      “Whoever wants a two-state solution must implement it on the ground,” he said, by respecting previously reached agreements, stopping settlement expansion and recognising East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

      U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides called Lapid’s speech “courageous” for supporting the two-state solution.

      Lapid praised efforts by Middle Eastern countries to normalise relations and cooperate with Israel. He urged Muslim countries, from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, to make peace with it.


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      (With Coffee Geri! :whistle:   ;-)   )


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        Oh so on your National Cherry Jubilee pie you want to switch out the vanilla ice cream for coffee ice cream?   I reckon that is doable :yes:   but I’m going to stick with the old faithful, tried and true, vanilla flavor. :whistle:

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      You just want to hug Dr Malone. What an excellent overview of what all or most of us are feeling in these days before the Rapture, in relation to those to whom we have spoken Truth.


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