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      Five Doves June 26th, 2022 Letters.

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      Patricia N.

      Again, I was drawn to Luis B. Vega’s 75TH DIAMOND JUBILEE:  The Great Planetary Alignment of June 24, 2022:

      There are many Conjunctions with 2 or 3 Planets coming together on a frequent basis. But what makes it more ‘rare’ is when all the 5 Visible Planets (Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn) are involved and all in Alignment as is the case now.

      What is more rare is when ALL the Planets, + Uranus and Neptune, to include Pluto are in Alignment, which is the case now. This is why this is indeed ‘The Great Planetary Alignment’ This type has not happened since 947 AD, according to Research. For example, the last time, only the 5 Visible Planets were in Alignment was back in December 2004. In fact, the 5 Planets align roughly every 19 Years, and some say all eight planets align every 170 years. Now, again to reiterate, what makes this Great Planetary Alignment for June 2022 is that ALL the Planets to include Pluto are aligned.

      But note that it is only the 5 Visible Planets from Earth that are in their Correct Order from the Distance of the Sun. And then you had that ‘Disappearing’ or Occultation of the Moon, the Proxy of Earth, going through Uranus, where the Earth corresponds in the Planetary Alignment Order. Many who calculate the Alignment say this one is a 1 in a 1000-Year Occurrence. One would agree. That is extremely Significant and perhaps Prophetic as one has alluded to in the prior Posts and Studies. Perhaps it could be the last Celestial Sign before the Rapture, etc.

      The Supreme Court reversed Roe vs. Wade on that Date.


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