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        Five Doves September 17th, 2023 Letters.

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          😂🤣  way to go Fay!   Love :good:  how she singles out both Luis V and Nansing with their constant negative articles each week trying to rob the church of joy with looking up for Jesus to return!  She points out their wrongs by addressing all their “nitpicks for why we should not watch in 2023”. :mdrmdr: :mdrmdr:

          And her ending paragraphs was priceless …

          “As for Christian Watchmen becoming overly frenzied over Patrick’s (Hourly Watch) recent discoveries in Virgo – how insulting. We are as quietly excited as we were with the Revelation 12 sign in 2017. The fact that those named asteroids are there in Virgo – at this time in history – is astounding. Patrick has made some incredible discoveries and we all have every right to be excited. And while ‘one’ is entitled to ‘ones’ opinion, I dislike being pompously lectured to regarding scripture. Particularly by people who claim to have a deep understanding of scripture, then go on to prove that they really, really haven’t.

          We are excited by the current circumstances that seem to point to the return of our LORD Jesus. The situation in Israel – the UNGA meeting in New York – the High Holidays etc. Patrick’s discoveries are the icing on the cake. NOT the entire cake.”

          Please come, LORD Jesus

          – Fair Use –


          :thankyou Fay!



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          Paul R

            I absolutely agree Geri! Thanks Fay!

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