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      Five Doves September 19th, 2021 Letters.

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      :popcorn     Check out this timeline …

      Carl Worline posted this article from Steve Kerp


      Daniel wrote in 12:11-12 –   “And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.  Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.”

      Like much of Daniel’s end-times prophecies, it’s enigmatic to say the least.  I can’t be dogmatic on what he means by “daily sacrifice” and we’re still unclear on exactly what the abomination may be.  But the numbers themselves are interesting.  So that’s where we’ll look.

      I think this relates to the final seven years, and Daniel says the blessing occurs or begins on the 1,335th day.  If we divide that by 30 we see it’s 44.5 months.  The Dragon gets authority for 42 months, which is presumably within this time span.  That leaves about 75 days which transpire before the Day of Blessing but are after the final ‘week’ begins.  75 days when Satan does NOT have authority.  There are three possibilities:  that some of the 75 days transpire, and then Satan gets his global authority for 42 months, and then the rest of the 75 days pass, OR all 75 are before Satan’s authority, OR all 75 are after.

      It appears that the daily sacrifice is taken away and the abomination of desolation is set up, and then 1,290 days transpire and that period of time ends at Day #1,335.  In other words, 45 days transpire first, and THEN this period of 1,290 days begins, within which would be Satan’s 42 months.  Hal Lindsey suggested that the Abomination was set up at the end of 1,290 days and this triggered a period of “great tribulation.”  I think Lindsey was demonstrably incorrect.   If Satan’s authority ENDS on Day #1,335, we would have the following:

      “Daily sacrifice” is taken away, then during the next 45 days the Abomination of Desolation is set up and then another 30 days transpire, and then The Beast gets authority from God over every tribe, tongue and nation, and then 42 months transpire, the end of which is the defeat of Satan, and then the Day of Blessing.

      That’s one model.  Another is that Satan’s authority expires up to 30 days before the Day of Blessing, and the beginning is adjusted accordingly.  We’ll play with that directly, but there’s another time-marker to be considered.  That marker is PENTECOST. ;-)  

      Peter quoted Joel extensively in the sermon recorded in Acts 2.  This has led me to conclude that Pentecost has ultimate fulfillment in the end-times.  The stuff Peter and Joel described sound an awful lot like the 6th seal and the Magog invasion (which I believe are two prophetic accounts of the same events).  If this is correct, then we’d expect to see the battle of Magog and the destruction of Satan’s global kingdom at about the time of Pentecost.  Pentecost in 2025 will be on or about June 2nd (HebCal).  (Nisan 1 is March 30, after the vernal equinox, so a “leap month” is unlikely.)

      For a point of reference, we back up 1,335 days from Pentecost 2025 and land on this coming October 6.  Definitely in the ballpark.  If we suppose (as I have) that Pentecost is before the Day of Blessing (since Peter and Joel describe things that are happening rather than things that have occurred already from their prophetic perspective), then we can move the dates accordingly and the numbers will still work.  So, for instance, if we assume the covenant is confirmed and the ‘week’ begins on this coming October 19th (remember, this is just conjecture) that would put the “Day of Blessing” on June 15, 2025.

      There has been a suggestion which I have not explored that suggest that the taking away of the “daily sacrifice” is a reference to the rapture.  I can’t stake anything on it, but the Jews are not making daily sacrifices.  I’ve never heard of the church referred to as a “daily sacrifice”.  The LXX renders it “removal of the perpetual sacrifice” and that isn’t very illuminating, either, and especially since “perpetual” means “lasting forever, or never-ending.”  So I don’t know.  But SOMETHING happens – perhaps related to the confirmation of the covenant or perhaps just coincident to it.

      Some insist that the Jews must re-build the Temple and re-institute Old Testament sacrifices, and then these “daily sacrifices” can be ended and the 70th week begins.  That is NOT going to happen, and I think this is another idea floated to separate American Christians from their money.  “If we give to the Temple Institute, they can re-build the Temple and then the rapture can happen.  Just like Daniel said.”  Please, put your checkbooks away.

      So here’s a timeline that’s consistent with the numbers:

      October 19 or most probably before – rapture B-)  
      October 19 – confirmation of the covenant and Day #1 of Daniel’s 70th ‘week’
      December 4 – Abomination of Desolation is completed – I believe this is Satan’s temple on the Temple Mount and features human sacrifice and even worse abominatons.
      December 19 (or maybe the winter solstice on Dec 20-21) Satan’s 42-month reign of global terror begins.  You can believe the bad guys will have a BIG PARTY!
      June 1, 2025 – Satan’s 42 months end – Armageddon and the Third Woe during which a lot of folks end up in the Lake of Fire.  For two weeks there’s execution of judicial punishment against the “out-going administration” and Satan is chained in the bottomless pit.
      June 15, 2025 – the first “Day of Blessing” – beginning of global reclamation, reconstruction, cleansing and healing.
      Fall 2028 – the feasts of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles are fulfilled.
      October 12/ Tishri 22, 2028 – Last Day of Daniel’s 70th week.
      October 13, 2028 – calendar will probably be re-started.  First day of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ.

      I’d hoped for a September rapture (and still do) – I like the idea of a “summer bride” and a harvest of the church at the time of the wheat harvest.  Additionally, the predictive programming pointed out by Jaco Prinsloo is highly suggestive of “sudden destruction” – more than simply an escalation of the tribulation we were told to expect before the end comes.

      But we’ll see.  A rapture on October 19 leaves just 38 days on the clock.  I think there’s less time than that.

      One final thought:  If Satan gets authority over every living person on the planet on December 19th, we would have to conclude that the global purge of all those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life would have to be concluded before then, OR that God gives His children to Satan.  I am persuaded that the latter would NEVER be allowed, and that, therefore, all the martyrs are killed before December 19th.  No one gets saved after that.

      I fully expect to see you all SOON!

      – Fair Use –

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        While the October Rapture theory is interesting, is the writer suggesting that Satan and his minions are defeated at the 3 1/2 year mark of the Tribulation and then Jesus and His saints do a cleanup operation for the remaining 3 1/2 years? I have honestly never seen an idea like that before. :unsure:

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          I know … I don’t get that either that its not a full 7 year tribulation. Its very different theory for sure.  That’s why I wanted clarification on it.  I like the October 19 or sooner rapture date though! :whistle:

          I wonder if Steve Kerp is a fan of Steve Monette?  Because I just view Monette’s latest youtube last night and in the comment section he is ALSO saying the same thing that the trib is only 42 months.

          Sooooo  I just did some research just now on why he feels this way.

          First here is a short youtube clip from August 14, 2020 … 4:13 minutes … Steve claims that Jesus is the one that confirmed the covenant already … not any future AC.


          Then he said

          I hope that we can all agree that the covenant that Jesus did confirm was for life. And when He died on the cross, the temple was split in two pieces thereby ending the oblation and sacrificial system.

          Jesus put and end to oblation and sacrifice when the temple was wrent in two pieces at his death on the cross. Jesus confirmed the new covenant by way of the bread and wine at the last supper.  Then Jesus predicted the temple would be made desolate in Matthew 23:38 which Prince Titus did in AD 70.  And in Hebrews 8:8 the text says that God will make a new covenant with Israel and Judah. It is all pretty clear and straightforward and is quoted from the Bible. Take it or leave but it certainly is NOT a cult interpretation

          The text does not put a time limit on the covenant. The text says that it will happen in the middle of the last week which is at the 3.5 year mark. And we know that Jesus ‘ ministry lasted 3.5 years.

          God tells Jeremiah that He is going to make a new covenant with the house of Israel and Judah in Jer 31:31-34. Jesus came onto the scene 483 years after Jerusalem was ordered rebuilt in 457BC and begins His ministry in Luke 4 by reading from Isaiah 61 and stating that He had come to set the captives free (an offer of salvation). This offer of salvation was offered to the Jewish people for 7 years. the first 3.5 years of this ministry ended in His death on the cross. The offer of salvation continued to be offered to the Jews for 3.5 more years until they killed Stephen, at which point, the gospel of grace was then offered to the Gentiles thru Paul.

          Sooooo that is why in his eyes … there is only 3 1/2 more years left (42 months for the tribulation).  Interesting theory, eh?

          – Fair Use –

          Someone else commented with this ….
          I did read to the end of Hebrews chapter 9. It ends with a bang! 9:28 – “So Christ was once offered for the sins of MANY, (another witness there if you include the preamble to Daniel 9 revelation)and unto them that look for him ( that’s me) shall he APPEAR the second time (us being) without sin unto salvation.” That’s the rapture right there. I never have seen this before. I love when stuff just pops off the page!
          – Fair Use –

          So … what do you think … is the tribulation a full 7 years or only 3 1/2 years (42 months) and ends on a Pentecost in 2025? :unsure:

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            My opinion is that it is the full 7 years. It makes the most sense.

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      James Callaway

      I’ve been of the opinion that if the rapture were to occur on a feast day it would be Shavuot. I am hoping that I am wrong at that it may occur during Sukkot. I’ve seen a few articles supporting a Sukkot rapture. The way things have been accelerating; I agree time is very very short.


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      israel will make a covenant with death

      thats not a covenant with Jesus

      the theory doesn’t match scripture

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      At this point we are seeing many signs and much prophecy being fulfilled!

      That in no way can assure anyone of knowing a day or hour!

      The problem with seasons is they like days, are always changing!

      Educated guesses based on study is all anyone can offer!

      Except or until we all hear a word from the Lord!  Should He choose!

      This is why we are instructed to hear what the Holy Spirit would speak to the corporate church!


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      What a blessing to hear the testimonies of God’s faithfulness in JD’s video this week!

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