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      Ring Bearer

      Our country didn’t unravel before when impeachment was brought up, so why is this time so different?

      It’s too bad Franklin makes a living off of stoking the flames nowadays. So different from how his father handled the ministry.

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      David W. Roche

      I can’t say whether Franklin Graham “makes a living off stoking the flames nowadays.”  His net financial worth is around $28 million, compared with his father’s net financial worth of around $25 million.  And I can’t tell you that he is stoking flames which would most likely exist regardless of Graham’s position on the issues of the day.  Perhaps I am biased because I agree with what he is saying about them.

      Franklin is surely more of an activist than his father was.  I don’t believe it is making too much of a difference is these dark times when evil is running rampant.  Personally, I don’t feel compelled to bewail things I can do nothing about; the sickness is too far gone in my opinion, and I would prefer to be an example for righteous living (hopefully!) in my own sphere of influence, which is not very large.  Those who feel led to speak out on the evils of the times should go for it.  God knows their motives.

      As for the proposed impeachment of Donald Trump, I expect nothing better from the ankle-biters who still can’t get over the lawful election of the man in 2016.  I suppose if you can’t put forth a credible candidate to lead the nation, all you’ve got left is to tear down the person who is in office currently.

      The chief thing I find to disagree with Franklin’s assessment is that the country isn’t about to “begin” to unravel; it’s already at the point of irreconcilable differences, and has been for quite a few years.

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      Well said David and I would agree 100%. It is truly amazing to watch this craziness and insanity working so openly. I would restate what Jan Markel says every show, “it’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place”

      We should remain at peace knowing with confidence that our King has everything perfectly aligned for us. The world will get stranger and stranger still (hard to imagine I know), but we are secure in His grace and our front row seat to watch all this is truly exciting, for the end is already assigned, we are just waiting, not anxiously, for the call to exit up! :prayer-hands:

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