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      This is how we got Ivermectin this last week:

      Online Telemed source for Ivermectin

      Make sure that the pharmacy will actually sell Ivermectin and for the price shown by GoodRx

      (After seeing GoodRx discounts, we signed up with them)

      ​Download GoodRx on your computer or phone and find a local pharmacy with a good price for 30 pills or for as many as you need based on your weight, of Ivermectin at 3 mg each.

      After choosing a pharmacy, you need to check with them to make sure they will actually fill an Ivermectin Rx and for the price shown on GoodRx. If not, choose another pharmacy.


      Go online to
      1. Fill out the very easy online app.
      2. Pay the consultation fee of $64.99
      3. They will email you back with a few more questions and a request to upload an ID from your phone. You can take a picture of the front of your driver’s license and send that. (We did not upload ID on our cells :negative: , and were not asked to.)
      4. They will then send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, usually within 30 min. The person who sent this information said the whole process took him less than 3 hours.

      Our Experience

      At a well know “W” pharmacy, we were held up with their inquiry of our insurance to know if we had coverage. After our inquiring re: this delay, they then said they needed to have the diagnostic code from the provider who sent in our prescriptions. With the diagnostic code, they were both finally filled.

      You will be able to message with whichever doctor or nurse practitioner will work with getting your prescription, so ask them to add a diagnostic code to save time.

      ALSO: In the week it took us to get it, we learned from two nurses, one here and the one who filled our Ivermectin, that going to Compounding Pharmacies is another choice if you have troubles with regular pharmacies.

      They say Compounding Pharmacies are easier to work with. When it appeared that we could not get it, we contacted our nearby Compounding source, and it was a “come on down happy to do it” with them. :heart:


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      I got hydroxychloroquine on line with no prescription. It took a few weeks. Now I take 400mg HQC along with 50mg of zinc, 1000mg of C and 250mg of D3 as per Americas Front Line Doctors. So I’m staying healthy. I have no fear of this covid 19.

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        Can you share the source you got it from? Thank you!

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      Jesus Girl     I went on line and typed in “how to buy Hydroxychloroquine online”. There were a couple of web sites that you can get HQC without a prescription. The HQC came out of India and took a few weeks to get. I think I paid $100 for 60 tablets. Just look on line you should find something. I hope and pray you will be successful. God Bless Sis.

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        Thank you! Will do!

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      KolleenWhiteStone – are you all taking Ivermectin as a preventative or did you take it for C19 symptoms? I’m having a hard time finding information on taking it preventatively (dosage, precautions, etc.)

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        Kolleen and I have not started our dosage, No Fear Just Faith, but during our press to get it in hand I had read or heard (from somewhere or someone?!) that the prophylactic dose should be the same as the symptoms dose. My best guess is it was a druggist but not sure.

        The prescription reads “Take [N] tablets by mouth on day 1 and day 3. Then [N] tablets as a single dose weekly.”  I presume that means days 8, 15, and 22 since we each got 5[N] prescribed.  One refill was stipulated sometime within a year.  My [N] is proportionately larger than Kolleen’s by weight.  And I’m not revealing N. :stinkerbell:

        To me if one continues to take it at the rate of [N] per week, 5[N] count refills should provide for 35 days more, i.e., after the first 28 days are covered.  About two months…

        That may be the most windy, indirect but comprehensive I-don’t-exactly-know answer to a question you’ve asked than you ever before received.  :unsure:   Sorry.  :yes:

        I wonder where such answers are authoritatively found. :mail:

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      Lee Giblin

      I just got my Ivermectin from All Day Chemist out of India.  The 12mg pills are for up to 150 lb body weight – so giving 1 and cutting 1 in half for hubby.  He had it in April and hasn’t gotten strength back.  From what I saw it’s once a day after a meal for 5 days,  I’ll link the site I found.  (Oh I did give him horse paste when he had it, but he never whinneyed .  LOL)

      posts 17 & 18 on TB2000


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      NoFearjustFaith, Dan is right that we were told you take the same amount taken as when you / anyone, were diagnosed with covid symptoms, if you were able to have it prescribed.

      Our nurses here are certainly welcome to straighten this out if incorrect. :rose:

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      This is one of the sites that offers the protocol for ivermectin that is used….the recent protocols have recommended an increase in the milligrams per kilogram and a few longer days secondary to bigger spikes in numbers-

      My husband and I are currently taking the prophylactic dose since I work at the hospital and at this time he has not had a virus in a while or in particular this one, no side effects or issues with it.

      I-MASK+ Protocol

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