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      Patricia N.

      KYIV, Ukraine — Hackers brought down dozens of Ukrainian government websites on Friday and posted a message on one saying, “Be afraid and expect the worst,” a day after a breakdown in diplomatic talks between Russia and the West intended to forestall a threatened Russian invasion of the country.

      The attack crippled the sites of the Cabinet of Ministers, and the ministries of energy, sports, agriculture, veterans’ affairs, and ecology, along with many other government websites. The websites of the president and the defense ministry remained online. Ukrainian officials said the attack targeted 70 government websites.

      Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO responded to the cyberattack by saying that NATO would increase its coordination with Kyiv on cyberdefenses.

      from the New York Times:



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      Patricia N.

      Amir Tsarfati

      CNN reports that the United States has intelligence that Russia is trying to carry out an exercise in Ukraine to create a pretext for invading the country. According to the senior official quoted in the news, the Russians are trying to present a false representation in which the Ukrainian forces are allegedly attacking their forces – and to invade Ukraine following the same exercise.

      And from a later post:
      Following the breakdown of diplomatic talks between NATO and Russia, and in light of alarming intelligence of espionage plans and continued military build-up, we are upgrading our assessment. We believe major fighting is likely within 2 weeks.


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      CNN reports that the United States has intelligence that Russia is trying to carry out an exercise in Ukraine to create a pretext for invading the country.

      Consider the source —-> CNN. :negative:   Methinks the pretext is rather the other way around.  So does Hal Turner.

      If the US truly has intelligence, our pretender in chief clearly missed his rations when the wagon came around, remaining intelligence-free, and suffering from lack-trust intolerance.  Much like CNN. :yes:

      Do you suppose Hal Turner is related to Ted Turner? :unsure:   Maybe this all could be HalTed somehow. :scratch:

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        Patricia N.

        Yes, MyWhiteStone, we can’t tell what is true anymore.  We can’t trust the government and we can’t trust the news.

        We used to, but things have changed so much.  Since the last election, it seems the world has been turned upside down.

        Footsteps of the Messiah!

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      Patricia N.

      From the Hal Turner Radio Show website:

      Just three days after Sweden let it be known they were thinking of asking to join NATO, Russia has sent an Amphibious Assault fleet into the Baltic Sea near Sweden.  And, get this . . . . the ships . . . . .  ARE LOADED!   With landing craft, armor, and troops!

      Russian President Vladimir Putin said recently any other nations that move to join NATO would “be dealt with immediately to protect Russia’s security.”

      Now there’s a large number of amphibious landing ships near Sweden at a time when 100,000+ troops are massed on the Ukraine border and Russia’s leadership has declared its “patience has finally run out.”

      When the dots are connected, it’s clear to see exactly what is about to happen, and it isn’t pretty.

      In response to these LOADED amphibious landing ships off their coast, Sweden has made an emergency deployment of troops.  Military troops are driving on the E4 north of Stockholm:  Some troops have also been airlifted to Gotland Island, where locals are stunned to see armored military vehicles and armed soldiers patrolling the streets!



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      Patricia N.

      From the Hal Turner Radio Show website:

      UH OH – U.S. Gov’t Now Talking “False Flag (by Russia)” to Justify Invasion — Likely means U.S. Going to attack and CALL IT “False Flag by Russia”:

      HAL TURNER REMARKS: My personal “take” on this is that they are setting up a narrative because THEY (The USA/EU/NATO) are actually going to attack Russia and then claim Russia did it to themselves to create an excuse to go to war.

      The fact that they are already saying “False Flag” by Russia should be triggering all sorts of red lights flashing.  It seems (to me) the US/EU are going to deliberately start a war with Russia.

      Bear in mind that negotiations between the US/NATO and Russia collapsed this week.  Russia has put forth two Treaty Proposals, one to the USA and another to NATO, to address Russia’s security concerns.   The US and NATO have both flatly rejected Russia’s proposals.

      So for me, living just outside midtown New York City which will probably be hit by Russian missiles when this war kicks off, I thought I had some breathing room for about a week before evacuating.  Now, I’m not so sure.

      We need to pay extremely close attention to what’s taking place, folks.  We are standing on a precipice, overlooking an abyss.  World War 3 could be just days away.  If war starts, it will not be limited to Ukraine.  I truly believe we will be hit HERE, in the USA.  Prep.  And Pray.


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        Patricia N.

        I don’t know how we are supposed to prep?  Maybe fill our cars with gas and buy food.  There’s nowhere to hide.

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      Patricia N.

      Sorry for the duplication.  I just noticed that Geri’s posted video of Lisa’s goes over a lot of these past two entries of mine.  It’s on the Off with Severe but Turbulent Hope thread.

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      Patricia, pray, and remain in prayer, as we sense the Lord’s leading, and what He lay’s on our hearts, for others, our homes and ourselves. And whatever else He may show us.

      This isn’t a prep like hoarding, but just think of categories of needs you have. Maybe list columns for simple foods, proteins, dried fruits, med’s, toiletries, cleaning, water, pet food, just things you know you would need or want for a possibly a months time…then go get them.

      But who knows, if the attacks come down, we may go up! :bible :prayer-hands:


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      If you’re a child of Jesus Christ washed clean in His BLOOD of salvation you are perfectly prepped for and totally for anything.  Keep looking up, He will be what He promised us as His children. 1000 cans of soup, clean water, and a hole in the ground will be a futile attempt, we have a Savior 24/7 365, today, tomorrow or when He says come up here, listen to the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Be still, let Him lead you, always know God is in control. Pray without ceasing, it’s easier than you think, Jesus is right beside you always, no fear, only FAITH.  :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands:

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      Well said Kolleen and Blake 7!!!

      We are saved and spiritually prepared being given spiritual weapons of warfare!  Faith and prayer!!!

      Whether our days are pleasant and fruitful or if they be filled with war and strife, our days are truly numbered!

      Call me simple minded, but come hell or high water all I can do is trust in the Lord!


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