He is Coming

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      He is coming, coming for us;

      Soon we’ll see His light afar,

      On the dark horizon rising,

      As the Bright and Morning Star,

      Cheering many a waking watcher,

      As the star whose kindly ray

      Heralds the approaching morning

      Just before the break of day.

      Oh! what joy, as night hangs round us,

      He is coming, coming for us;

      Soon we’ll hear His voice on high;

      Dead and living , rising, changing,

      In the twinkling of an eye

      Shall be caught up altogether,

      For the meeting in the air;

      With a shout the Lord, descending,

      Shall Himself await us there.

      Oh! what joy that great foregathering, ;

      Trysted meeting in the air;

      Sweet to know He’s coming for us,

      Calling us to join Him there,

      He is coming as a Bridegroom,

      Coming to unfold at last

      The great secret of His purpose,

      Mystery of the ages past,

      And the Bride, to her is granted

      In His beauty now to shine,

      As in rapture she exclaimeth,

      “I am His and He is mine.”

      Oh! what joy that marriage union,

      Mystery of love divine;

      Sweet to sing in all the fulness,

      “I am His and He is mine.”



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      beautiful encouragement, thank you watching47


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