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        Lord, we pray draw us nearer to Heaven’s visibility

        We long to soar ~  near to the Heavenly Trinity

        ~ ~ oh, Powerful God, we do trust Christ’s sufficiency!


        showered within Abba Father’s unmerited favor!

        ~   we are set free, redeemed, held by our Glorious Redeemer

        Blessed assurance, by God’s Infinite might

        as part of the Bride, ‘we do’  desire to take flight

        ~~ so we may  gaze on our Redeemer  ~ ~  satisfied!


        Yes, Lord,   stir us with praises and song

        unto You Lord, we desire to gaze, ~ we long ..

        and believe one of these days

        You shall  Rapture us in the air

        seizing Your Bride You have prepared


        Father, cause in us, a breathless Heavenly focus even more

        powerful Holy Spirit stirrings within our watch for You, Lord,   ~

        oh fly us  ~ we pray, speak Your Rapturous Word even now

        yes,  ~ ~ snatch us to You,  where we are welcomed to bow ~


        . . this,  our Lord has promised, and it is written ,  so . .  it shall be done

        the one, He calls His ‘fair one, ‘ . . shall be swept up in His Victory won!

        Yesssssssssss ~  ~ the Bride prays, Lord Jesus, come ~


        Envisioning the Heavenly Banquet

        Lord, is the Table set?

        Your Bride feels ready to be caught up in the Heavenly net

        lift us up  ~~  for the veil has been torn,  ~ ~ we’ve been reborn!

        ~  carry us upward  .. Jesus, to You, of peace and rest ~ ~ ~


        . .  yes, we pray, take us to where the Great “I AM” lives

        where we shall learn with no distractions, the why’s and how we are His ~

        where above,  in Christ’s jeweled Jerusalem,,

        the battle is no more,  having reached Heaven’s shore,

        ~ ~ Oh, Redeemed of God, we can’t wait to gaze on Him!




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