Herculids Meteor Storm On May 30, 2022 Meets Serpent Sign Being Cast Out !

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        Oh yea people—Revelation 12 sign is not over yet–it has just begun!!   Well you know Michael is the angel who will have a war on his hands once there is the eviction notice given to the red dragon or serpent  who dwells in the  astmospheric heaven or 2nd heaven above us!  You see the devil and his wrath is coming to a theater near  those who are left behind  when the final wrath of God falls on the earth!

        The Hercules constellation is right above the Serpent Bearer  constellation and his foot is  signalling that there is a heavenly struggle going on and that Hercules 9Michael the Archangel) is about to win this battle and  cast this dreaded serpent out into the earth!!

        There is now a  possible Great Meteor Storm predicted to take place on May 30, 2022 which  is close to the 1,260 day time since the Woman and manchild sign on September 23, 2017  -someone check this out for me-I do not have my research papers with me!

        The meteor storm in located in the Hercules constellation-thus they are called the Herculids Meteors!!

        The Serpent Bearer constellation shows the  Ophecus   constellation  warring with Serpens and  taking him into a defeated  condition–this is all astronomy   jargon plus some biblical astronomy also!!

        Is it possible the middle tribulation could be occuring around the year 2022 or some short time after the sign appears in the heavens–some of these signs have a one to two year  expectancy rate– is it true the sign in the heavens during the Lords first coming had  the sign in the sky some two years up to His birth–that is why Herod wanted the children killed up to two years of age so that  when the sign was seen it could have been up to two years before the birth of the Messiah!!

        I want to add this other detail in the Beast Government sign coming this August 2019 when the seven heads and the ten horns form as one complete  entity!  The Daniel 7 prophecy  predicts that three horns will be uprooted by this beast government and this antichrist  leader will instigate the uprooting events—The  EU nation of Britain is about to be the first uprooted  horn nation out of the EU– reports are that a COUPLE of other nations may join Britain   if they exit the EU– the reason these nations want to op out of the EU which is  being given over to the French and Germany governments is that they are still having a difficult time surrendering   their countries soverignty over to the superpower  government rising up  out of this sea of humanity!

        Once Britain leaves look for two other nations to be uprooted or to leave the EU  confederation!!!

        People do you not see how close we are getting to the revealing of the Anti-christ—  you know we have to be outta here once he shows his pretty evil little  caniving face!   Check out the article  on the Christian Evidence website titled– Is French President Emmanuel the Anti-christ–it is very revealing to say the least!! It is an eye opener!! We don’t have too much time left folks–I;m just saying!!  Watch and pray! And look UP!!


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          Humblehorse where are you! I need your imput on this sign in the heavens for the possible middle of the tribulation period!!  Although I believe this will be about one or two years lag time before the midtrib– I think the 2024  Son of Man sign also could have a lagtime fulfillment  for the  2nd coming to occur   on Yom Kippur 2027!!   It seems that many Israel events happen on 7 ending years   1917- 1947-1967- 2017-2027!!

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