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      Avatar photoScott

        Well It looks like someone  has broken the lock on the old Ritan door and entered the premises without a backstage pass!!  It is I—Scott the lost prodiGAL   or should I say prodiGUY!  Gender is important  here and  I respect  the one  who is the Mender of all Gender  and that would be the Maker  and Creator of all things-Jesus Christ!!

        So nice to be here  in the   great company of  both  new and old Ritan members as I also am an older member who started at the old website in the year 2007 to be exact!

        I began my journey  here with just a few querky  adlibs and some  insightful  theories about the second coming  and it seemed to catch on like a wildfire–it does help to relate to others instead of trying to promote ones own  agenda–you can win others with honey but  love is much sweeter and it doesn’t  sting as much–unless the honeybee needs  correction–then tough love  is necessary—boy I just started back here and I am already preaching!

        Well  I  am so honored to be among the chosen instead  of   wallowing with the frozen!  I have been with the frozen  and  they are not fun to be around–it feels like they  are  trapped in a stigma which I call  Monestery Haughtiness–religion  is humankind  reaching  up by his or her own values system to attain a state of  spirituality that  makes the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross a  worthless  achievement!

        We  cannot   on our own overcome  sin or the  worlds  traps and snares  by  religion  –it has to be  conquered by a sin sacrifice   of Blood— and it is this  historical  divine work on the cross which  plowed through all our  walls of doubt to construct a new wall of faith in this  accomplished  feat  of  our redemer!

        Now if you want to  have the rest of this sermon-please send a donation of 40 euro dollars to my bank account off Novis Soscia bay – which is not to far from the Hamptons!  Just Kidding!!

        I told you I still am  kinda rediculous–but more balanced! or is it off-balanced?   Well, not off-balanced enough to where I can’t stop myself from falling over!

        This has been an unpaid  political announcement–if it were a national emergency-you would have been alerted to contact your nearest pastor and he would sign you up for  indept spiritual counceling!!  Only you can heed the signs of moral decay!

        Again-Thanks everybody for welcoming me aboard!!  The ride looks to be  a great one!!


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          Are you Scott who had a fictional dog?

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            Welcome back Scott.

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            Avatar photoScott

              Hey Heidi!  That be me–I mean Scarby!!   On the old website did you have a different username- I can’t  remember   what you went by back then.

              I am  looking for someone to put up a picture  of my old pal Scarby so I can use him in my profile photo!

              You have a squrriel  on your profile—  I think  Scarby like squrriels very much–they taste like chicken—I didn’t mean that !!  It remined me of  a comedy show that I had seen years ago and they used that line–no!  Lets not hurt the squrriels Scarby!!  They  help clean up all those walnuts and acorns off the ground during winter time–I always let the squrriels have at most of the nuts on the ground–although they make many small holes to bury them in –once Scarby  chased a squrriel around the yard  as he was attempting to bury  his nut—  and just as  Scarby came up on the cute little critter  he hiked the acorn and not the dirt right at Scarby’s  snout —  it bopped him on his nose and  they chased each other around the yard for hours— if  you are ever over at our house sometime I will have to show you where the squrriel is buried—again sorry!!  I did not  mean to say Scarby buried the squrriel—he made best friends with the cute sweet animal and now they facebook each other like five times a day–Scarby likes to bark while the squrriel likes to twitter!!

              Am I not spelling squrriel correct– it is  underlined in red everytime!  I got Ds and Fs in grade school English!


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                I was reading your post and it made me laugh so I guessed that is you even before you wrote your response.

                thank you for the laugh about: glad to be among the chosen and not the frozen….

                I think squirrels are cute and I love to watch them eat nuts. :bye:

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                Avatar photoScott

                  High Loz!  I remember you my friend—you have sooo much class  and I always liked  your openness and sincerity– you cannot find brothers anymore who  have these qualities– I am still grieving over the loss of LisaLinnenie–she was the boss!!  She had the right stuff–you have the right stuff– and I love you profile photo– that is why I say you have class!  I have an  ugly dog in my old profile photo –makes me want to bark at the moon-in pig latin style – exnay- exnay!  What the Hey?!!!

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                    I suspect Scott, ol’ buddy, that you must have squirrelophobia from experience, and I’d guess you probably avoid parks. One like Heidi’s squirrel is likely to either snatch up and begin to gnaw on a nut like you, or perhaps squirrel you away for later.  Right?

                    Great to have you back.  I used to know when the Rapture would occur, certain to be a multiple number of 188 days from a big earthquake.  Now maybe I can get back into the know again.

                    With any luck you might find Scarby’s photo buried in the “Way Back Machine” archive whose access is  buried at the bottom of this sites Home page.

                    Thanks for checkin’ in and signin’ up, Scott!  I suspect you may have already won the new crown for RITA Now Corn King!  Be ready for your soon cornonation.

                    MWS, aka Dan

                    PS – I hope we reopen our monthly “Thread Killer” contest.  It’s probably harder now since there are ways to post at locations other than at the bottom of the thread, but at least the distinctive might be fun to go for. You and I seemed to be pretty good at killing threads years ago, if I remember correctly.

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                        Scarby!  Thanks, Blake.  I hope Scott features him.

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                          Hey Scott, Kolleen here :bye: , or as Joyful Susan would say, “koLLeen,” or some such thing.  I laughed my way through your first post here….you haven’t lost a step in all this time away.

                          Dan and I are married, as well as old moderator David, and Kristen for a catch-up.

                          Thought maybe Scarby would be in doggie heaven by now!

                          So glad to have you back!



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                            Scott, I had the same name on the old website.

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                              So blessed to have you back Bro!  Again, I am mindful of the eternal friendships that are being formed on this site.

                              It will be a great ride, hopefully a short one!


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                              Scott, I mentioned you two days ago on the “This is what RITA is all about” thread in the Reminiscing Forum. Glad to see those vibes I put out, drew you in.

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                              David W. Roche

                                Welcome back, Scott!

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                                Mom of 2

                                  Yay!!! I knew that was you because of the thread name, doggone it’s  good to have you back!

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                                  Avatar photoDonna

                                    B-) ~~so fun to see you here, Scarby, I mean Scottie, ~~  um,  Scott ~~  a cat astrophe not seeing a Scott face even if you are a dog lover over cats ~~  =^.^& —

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                                    Avatar photoScott

                                      Donna   you look as lovely as ever and I missed your inspirational input which keep all of us on our  toes and kept  Scarby in line with   the Ritan  rulebook–his fanny is still red from all those  apocalyptic corrections—and speaking of apo-CAT-lyptic  or CAT-astropes—I love cats  even more then dogs–I lost my last cat  a  few years ago and I vowed not to go through that again!

                                      I have always had you and your husband in my deepest prayers Donna!! I just need to catch up on all the lastest  news and past stories which will give me a touchstone for where to begin this final short pause  just before we exit stage right—UP! Or Up right ! Or outta sight! or by the light of the silvery moon somewhere over the lost lagoon    or at the tail end of this vapor-like economy boon!  Shouldn’t that be BOOM?  I had to spell it that way to rythme it in the sentence!

                                      Mom of 2–  I kinda remeber you laughting so hard years ago about some rythme I made with a christian  singer and a bolivard or something–it was a hoot! Do you remember that post! It was wack-ety-yak! but we did talk back!

                                      The thing I like about these public forums and talking to other people with our typing fingers is you don’t need to use tic-tacs  to yak-ety-yak!

                                      That God we still have Tender Reed with us!! Man I love you brother-you get my humor–and you get my utmost respect!

                                      Kolleen you look  as lovely as ever also! Just about makes me want to cry knowing that the old gang is still around and are still serving our wonderful and amazing Lord!!

                                      Blake7 now that you found Scarby could you return him to his rightful owner—in other words could you take that  shadow man in my profile picture and put that obese dog  back in the drivers seat–he really isn’t the driver-its just a fake steering wheel  in the passenger  compartment!

                                      Thanks David and Heidi  and My White Stone for being a part of this reunion THREAD that does not NEEDLE  anyone  with  harassment  or chastisement  or confinement or alignment or any added additional assignment    To many MENTS in that Tic-Tac -Talk -right?!!

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                                        Scott right click choose “save picture as”, over scarbys photo, go to photos on your computer.  should be there. Then go to your Ritan profile and copy him to your avatar. I’m not able to change your profile only you can, or maybe moderators can help. happy to return him to his owner.

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                                        Avatar photoScott

                                          Blake7– I’m not very good at setting up anything on a computer so it looks like Donna or  the other mods will have to show me where the light switch is in the darkened room–better yet just flip the switch for me!!  I don’t have my own computer-I use the one at the Library- talk about a loose canon-right!!  I guess it keeps me humble not to be computer savvy!!


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                                            I am going to pray that you have a nice computer soon.

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                                            Avatar photoScott

                                              OHHH Heidi—Thank you sooo much!!  But to tell you the truth- I don’t trust these computers   under my direction—you see at the Library I get to go out and visit others and maybe strike up a conversation or two with  my  next  session partner–  it  is too confining to be at home all the time!  But I do appreciate your prayers for my health – I am being tested with  a skin problem by having used  an old prescription medicine on my back which was expired and now I have a burn  on that area —  It is taking its time healing!!

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                                              Scarby sez … “DID YA MISS ME, DAD???”



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                                              Hi Scott! Missing your old friend Scarby dooby-do? Well, he’s been hiding out in the web sphere – on a site for ugly dogs!

                                              Here’s the direct link to his mugshot photo – pearls & all – enjoy! :calvin




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                                              Avatar photoScott

                                                Oh My Goodness!  Hes Returned! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much Gentle breeze for finding  this gracious bag of flea particles–I mean  bag of joy!!   I had a wanted poster out — I mean a Lost  or Found -APB- not sure  what the AP means– but the B means Bulletin!

                                                He is always turning up missing  from his well secured  dog house in my backyard   the  allegator pit   around the perimeter  and the four bear traps on each corner of the structure is surprising to me in a multitude of befuddliments!

                                                I could care less about his  reasons for escaping and the  planning strategies it took for him to manuveur away from such a secured  locked down facility- I mean  his  comfort zone !

                                                He had to be on some kind of mental trip that involves  some very strong mind altering drugs—Possibly and no doubt–Alieve or Bayer asperin –you must remember a dog has a seven fold increase reation to a drug then do we—Did I just say—Do we!!!  That sounds like a dogs name—come here DOEEY!!!  Here Boy!! Thats a good boy!!

                                                Well-as long as Scarby is back home now and safe and sound and in his own safe zone and free of the fears and unknown that is out there beyond my property line–I guess its time for me to put the ankle  tracking device back on his leg again– and pull out the computer cable that links him to the outside world– and lay out the bear traps around his dog house paremeter—Just Kidding!!  I am not going to restrict his freedom of movement as long as he is under my control–I mean under my supervision!!

                                                I will just put some verbal commands on his behavior as to what he is to do so that this disappearing act  of his comes  to a halting stop and no more search parties  need to be organized again!

                                                I got just the thing to keep him around  the yard and  not far from his  dog house- PIZZA Delivery!



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                                                WOO HOO! Did someone say PIZZA DELIVERY? I hope Scarby gets one with plenty o’ PUP-PERONI! :mdrmdr:

                                                And I hope now that ol’ Scarbs has been located, that the mods can help you get his mugshot back as your icon/profile photo!

                                                Scott & Scarbs – a match made in heaven!!??

                                                God bless y’all!


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                                                Avatar photoScott

                                                  Gentle Breeze–you must be feeling  your PUNNY Bone today-clever pun!!  I’m afraid if Scarby ordered Pizza that once it arrived he would ask a neighbor if they had anything he could add to it –like Grey–POOPon!  And of course the there would be a misunderstanding  about that french word–By the way could someone please PASTA   Chees wiz!! Get it! Pas-sta or PASS the or –forget it!!! Hee! Hee!

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