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      Hello siblings,

      I was thinking about how it seems like we are on our own now. It is scary to get sick and not be able to get healthcare. It is scary for us to be sick and worry that those whose job is to take care of us will actually harm us.

      I told myself trust in God and try not to worry. I was watching an Agatha Christie movie and dozing off when I remembered this. I got up to share this hoping it would encourage someone.

      I don’t remember any of this. I was maybe just a toddler. My great aunt tells this story;

      She was alone in the house with me. I was sleeping. She was in the kitchen. I was sleeping on a feather pillow. I guess I inhaled a feather and it got stuck in my throat. I was suffocating. As she was working in the kitchen, she felt like something told her to go to the bedroom (not sure how to describe this, but you know sometimes you just get a message). She went to the bedroom and found me choking. She is illiterate. She had no idea what to do. However, she was told to pick me up and turn me over. she did, the feather got out of my throat and I was OK.

      Trust God everyone. Say your prayers. He will watch over you and guide you.




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      Nice story. Almighty God and His powerful guardian angels are watching over us. We are in great hands. :good:

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      Last year my older brother was telling me he is now doing dangerous security work in Northern California.  While driving the police vehicle he clearly heard the urgent command “get out now” and he did and ran to safety and then saw the vehicle blow up. :wacko:    I said “and you’re still working for them?”  He said “the pay is really good why would I leave?  Besides, the Lord is protecting me.”  I couldn’t argue with him about that.

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      In times like these when there is so much uncertainty is when we begin to see the Hand of God move in our lives.

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      Amen, over and over again!


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