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      Just read a post on a YouTube video where the poster indicated they were aware of some nurses who became suspicious of all the Covid tests coming back positive.  So they submitted two “test specimens” under bogus names with samples that had never actually been swabbed by anyone.  Results…drum roll please…positive.  We already knew they were inflating the death count.  Now it appears there is evidence that they are also inflating the number of cases in the unrelenting assault on the US to destroy our economy and remove us as the final obstacle to the utopian one-world authoritarian world order.

      God have mercy and may the Restrainer hold things back until we go home.  Maranatha!!!

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      No surprises here, is there?!

      They have their agenda, their plans and their timing already set!

      I am at a loss to see this site so quiet!  Given what has been revealed you would think there would be much more activity.  And increasing daily!  TR





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      Watchman— this is true! It would be because of the reagents used, they are probably contaminated. One guess who supplied these globally, largest probable manufacturer for Abbott, SunQuest, Lab Corp, etc… the supply chain, more than likely, comes out of China —- ding, ding, ding! Of course the numbers will be inflated.. did you see that falseeee falchi is at it again with, America opened up too soon, many more deaths expected B-)  boy is he going to have a difficult eternity, so sad :cry: :prayer-hands: :flyup:

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