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      How About Today Lord?

      The sojourn home has been an arduous one,

      We have suffered through strife and loss,

      But each time we discovered the bridge was out,

      YOUR Strength allowed us to swim across.


      The travels have been filled with difficulty,

      Our anguish now echoes in accord,

      We have been battered by every storm,

      One more tempest we can NOT afford.


      Some of us are stranded atop the mountain,

      Several marooned upon the raging sea,

      Still others are mired in the valley below,

      All dreaming of mansions in Eternity!


      THE DAY now fast approaches,

      To relinquish our earthly fates,

      Pain and anguish will soon be faded remnants,

      As we enter through those Heavenly Gates.


      You are the Center of the Candelabra,

      Shining brilliantly from afar,

      Illuminating our Blessed Hope,

      You are the Bright and Morning Star.


      The prideful world will ignore Your Knock,

      And henceforth struggle for their daily survival,

      But there won’t be any hesitation from Your watching faithful,

      Our doors are FULLY-OPEN awaiting your Arrival!!!


      Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!!

      At Your feet we will immediately bow,

      Our hearts, minds, and souls cry out:

      “Please come for us NOW!!!”


      We are ready for your Advent,

      We prostrate ourselves humble and meek,

      Tomorrow seems so far away,

      And we can’t even fathom waiting another week!


      Thy Will be done,

      But we fervently pray,

      That you come even sooner, Lord,

      How about TODAY?!!!


      Please Lord, our sincere prayer is that you come today!!!!! :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands:


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      Seems to me that this is an exercise of not how much we long for the Rapture by itself.  But rather how much we miss being in His presence!

      As such, may this lament continue to be ever present upon the mantle’s of our hearts!


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