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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Like fortresses unprotected,

      Like knights without a shield,

      We stand amidst the obfuscations,

      Awaiting a future yet revealed.

      So many dates have been projected,

      Numerous signs have passed us by,

      Yet still we gather in stark perplexity,

      Trying to understand the reasons “Why?”

      As vulnerable as the foliage,

      In the autumn awaiting death,

      Like a perforated rose,

      We grasp longingly for our breath.

      How much longer must we occupy,

      Until the Rapture is finally unfurled?

      Our strength is rapidly waning,

      While we remain mired in this world.

      Lord, as we anticipate our departure,

      Our dispositions become frayed and bare,

      Please don’t tarry a moment longer,

      Every second we are worse for wear.

      Standing fully-clothed, but naked,

      Solemn castles without our moats,

      Like the leaves against the elements,

      We feel the daggers at our throats.

      We know we are in the Season,

      But that doesn’t stem our collective desires,

      We yearn to immediately be in Heaven,

      Away from the conflagration of mortal fires.

      We have endured so very long,

      Our nerves are wracked, withered, and battered,

      Exactly how much longer must we navigate,

      These tumultuous seas with our sails so tattered?

      Please, Lord, we pray with fervent accord,

      Submitting a final supplication to be heard,

      Although we are confused and utterly confounded,

      Our longing for You has not been deterred.

      We will wait for Your Perfect Timing,

      Trusting our fates to Your Godly attention,

      Every breath we take is in Your Hands,

      But please, Lord, HASTEN THE HOUR OF ASCENSION.

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      I patiently await You Lord, help thou my impatience!

      As stated on another post, for me in this juncture of my life “how long Oh Lord” has been replaced with “why me, Lord”?

      Who am I that You saw fit to create me at all?!  Then to die for me! Your toleration of me is beyond comprehension.  Not only do you suffer to save me from myself, but then You continue to keep me for Yourself!

      Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!  Yet even sweeter, You are anxious to receive me unto yourself! :dieu:



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