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      Here I posting comments about how can the father feed the birds and then he does something so stunning. I’m just speechless.

      I just cant stop crying.

      My mother is surrounded by 3 of my sisters who could buy her groceries. Who could take her to her Dr’s appointment but don’t.

      My mother had an aneurysm two months ago and she’s awaiting another Cat Scan. Shes in bad shape.

      My sisters could take of her but don’t.

      My mother a former Hospice Nurse is quite possibly the sweetest person any one has every met.

      People meet her in the grocery store tell her their life story and she prays for them on the spot.

      She’s an Angel and Im not just saying that.

      We’ll I work with several Latino women and my Good Friend Rita has come to know my mother because my mother has talked her through her panic attacks when she cant breathe due to her allergies.

      My mother is on disability and she lives on 1100 a month. Rita has no money. She and her husband are building a house in Mexico out of bricks and she comes to me today and says will give this to your mother for mothers day.

      I open it up and its $50 dollars? I said no way Rita no way. She said Scott I’m not taking it back I want your mother to have it.

      I’m so shocked dismayed and in such disbelief I cant even see strait.

      My mother cant stop crying. I cant stop crying.

      This story is strait out of the widow that gave her last 2 pence. Its beyond comprehension.

      Forgive me father and my ways. Your love never ceases to amaze me.

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      What a glorious story.  Just when we could so easily loose faith in the human condition, God’s love pours through!

      On another post, I basically said that people can so easily wear me out.  We are all broken vessels and as empathetic as we can sometimes be, I can’t fix anyone.

      I guess God made us all needy, so that we could run to Him.

      PS: I’ll cry with you and your mom, bless her heart.


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      Tender Reed I havent been hit by either the holy or the father like in this in years. Rita could have given me .50 cents and the message would have been the same.

      I’m literally overwhelmed. :prayer-hands:

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      Praise God!

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      Thank you, Jesus! :prayer-hands:  You continue to receive blessings and miracles on you and your mom.

      Please don’t be bitter that the burden is on you only to take care of my mom.  Sadly, for some reason, the burden always falls on 1 person. Take comfort though because the Lord Jesus sees everything and He is going to reward you greatly in heaven for your love and care your giving to your mom!

      Perhaps you can share this with your friend, Rita.

      Mucinex – 1 pill last 12 hrs will clear out the fluid in the  lungs and gives instant relief.  I have trouble with house dust and cleaning out the vacuum container. I no longer have to take costly steroid pills or use an inhaler for my asthma.  This is a wonder pill that the pharmacist shared with me and you don’t need a prescription.  You can buy it at Walmart for about $12.00.  It also works great when you’re getting a cold. It speeds up the recovery time – colds only last me 1-2 days instead of 5.


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      David W. Roche

      What a lovely story, Boulder!  May God bless you, your mother and Rita.

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