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      I appreciate every kindness shown to me over the years both by members and mods alike!

      I seek not the applause of men but simply hope I am obedient to the Lord’s leading!

      Again, not being a teacher, prophet or theologian I simply offer insights the Lord has given me!  As my only goal even as a broken vessel wrapped in a sin nature is to know the Lord’s heart!

      And be a blessing to Him and you all as well!  Ergo I am simple and straightforward in whatever I may bring to the table!

      Love and blessings, TR

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      Well I really enjoy being at your table, T.R. as you relay what’s on your mind … encouraging us in serious matters as well as using your wit and charms.   :thankyou  for all that you bring.  Now that we got that over with … what’s for supper or is it snack time in your neck of the woods?  It better be good or else. B-)

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      Nothing too exciting, still trying to gain my appetite back after Covid!  I  also deal with COPD which affects my appetite!


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        :prayer-hands: you regain your strength and appetite back.  Or could it be …  by this weekend … 9 AV its time to fly away and we all get those glorified bodies … no more sickness or pain ever again.  Can’t wait.

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      and I appreciate you! :thankyou

      I am a messy broken person but redeemed. I’m unfinished but one day we’ll all be a beautiful tapestry in Him. His love for us is so amazing!

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      God be glorified in all!  In His everlasting goodness, His glorious heart, in His being!

      Again, I endeavor to be His Tender Reed, now and forever!


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      Well, I am practically perfect in every way! :scratch: Even yesterday I was practicing piety……….wow! what a train wreck! :wacko: There is nothing quite like trying to practice piety to show one just how damaged they are. :mdrmdr:

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      Psalm 84:2 NKJV
      My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the LORD; My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.


      Oh, we do cry out to You, Lord, knowing it is You reigning on that Heavenly Shore~

      Thank You Father for Your invitation, to beautify us with Salvation.

      You  pursuing us,  ever calling, ever drawing, ever wooing us closer to Jesus ~

      ever saving us, stirring our attention, thankful  for Your gifted regeneration.


      Oh, yes were are made new! ‘regened’ . . in Christ’s Spirit we ARE  Redeemed!

      .Lord we adore You, thankful You never give up on us,

      Eternally thanking You, Father for our lives in Christ Jesus.


      On Solid ground, You have turned us around,

      we feel so seriously ready to hear Your rapture sound!


      Continue to bless each one here in Your Spirit of Sheltered Love,

      oh, to be raptured, fully aware of Christ’s Majesty above  .

      in Heaven, where the storms of life, are no more, where we cannot be shaken,

      in full realization, we’ve  been ‘regened’, captured,  set apart,  and awakened.


      . I praise You Lord for rescuing me, and one day Your glorious face I shall see.

      You, Mighty God we adore,  . . we rejoice HOW You keep us in praiseworthy prayer

      . .  .Come take us to You, Lord, whereYou ever grant Perfect communion  ~



      we exalt our God, yea, the One who gave us eternal life setting eternity in our hearts ,

      Oh, Jesus we cling to Your Promises, thankful we shall never be apart.

      Yes, Yes, Yes, Mighty everlasting God, You, are the One our hearts beat for,

      the One that we adore, the One our souls long for.. .


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      Lovely Sis, as is your love for Him!


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