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      I was on a Christian site putting a prayer on for someone who’s son is on needle drugs. I put a prayer on and a message from FB came on and said go slow now because this is not a Community Standard. They made me log back in, so you can see FB is out to get anyone they disapprove of now. It won’t be long now till I can’t be on FB. We are so close Jesus to see your face!

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        Praying for someone is against ‘community standards’?? Yep the time is coming!

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          Time is getting shorter now, America is making it harder for Christians as never as before. Boy! Everything is moving so fast, just like birth pangs as God’s word has told us. In just the last 30 minutes FB said I can’t use the likes till tomorrow. Jesus, please be by our side as America changes, we are watching for you.

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        Karla Turner


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          How awful!  Jesus is coming so soon! :yahoo:   becareful

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            So true, it’s not long, thank you for sharing on this subject. Christians are seeing what Jesus told us would happen and its happening. I’m so glad the people on this site has been blessed with opening this up for us to talk about our Lord.

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            I suppose, Vicky, that if there are any Christian believing Facebook moderators out there they don’t like their jobs. RITA moderators do like their jobs. I’m glad that as yet there’s no switch thrown to deactivate this whole site. But after we’re outta here, who knows…?  Someone has probably already programmed a bot with our site name included.  Sorry, no knowledge, and just suspicious, but the same powers that control Facebook likely control a lot of other online resources.

            You’ll be safe to praise our Lord all you want to here!

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            MyWhiteStone you could be right, we know the devil is after us, but it’s so nice to be on this site to speak about Jesus. The news is getting worse each day, but to us it’s a sign everyday from our Lord, He’s coming soon. Love everyone on this site, when everyone fly’s away, they can do whatever they want then, we won’t be here. :yahoo:

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