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        ~ ~ This is an interesting link



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          I wonder about Rachel .. did she make heaven?

          And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem.


          Per Lewis @ 5 Doves …  Why Rachel died on the way to Bethlehem

          Remembering earlier in the story, Rachel’s father Laban had chased
          after Jacob and Rachel, partly because she had stolen her fathers
          household gods; Idols… God took her life because He did not want her
          bringing pagan idols into Abraham’ and Jacob’s tents AND teaching her
          children to worship pagan gods…

          It is also said that while Jacob loved Rachel, he needed Leah… She
          bore ten of the fathers of Israel…


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              Was thinking some more on ‘the why”  did Rachel steal her dad’s idols …

              Or did she not want her dad to worship those idols and she took them away or was she trying to get even with him for tricking Jacob into marrying Leah first?


              Per Got Question.org
              The Bible does not explain why Rachel stole the household idols. Perhaps she had a nostalgic desire to bring with her some items from her family home. Another possibility is that the idols were made of valuable materials, and Rachel wanted them for their monetary value. Perhaps Rachel believed in the power of the images. She may have stolen the idols out of superstition, believing they were like a good-luck charm. Rachel avoided detection of her theft by hiding them in the saddle she was sitting on.

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