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        Clearly, we are all excited about meeting our loved ones who have gone before, but given as excited as we are right now, imagine how excited all of those who have been waiting for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years for their resurrected body, perhaps to physically hold Jesus, or their loved ones whom they have been among in spirit for a very long time. In a sense, their desire for a glorified body would probably exceed our own strong desire. And I do imagine the excitement in heaven about the imminent Resurrection is likely heightened by their own realization extremely near. Sometime soon In all my excitement, I hope I can remember to ask my mother and father what they were feeling and hoping for, presuming that the dead in Christ have been sensing the Resurrection, or even know it is at the very door.

        Oh, I have one more thought. I wonder if any of you have had this same thought. We who are Raptured will be an infinitesimally small portion of the total dead in Christ through all the ages. Right? These thoughts may be so far down the line as to be unimportant, but I do want to ask what it felt like from various members of my family as they passed on, and offer if they are interested in knowing what it felt like to be Raptured. I do also want to ask about their levels of consciousness for hundreds of years while in the grave. I am also curious to what extent the spirits of those who have gone on before were able to converse and relate while they were in the spirit. I am also anxious to understand if any of them had new death experiences, what coming back from the dead for a time might have felt like. Maybe it’s just the engineer in me known as curious to know how things really work.

        So what do you think?  :feedback :good: :yahoo:

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          I think the dead will say the time between death and the rapture was like a blink of an eye.

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