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      Patricia N.

      Iran and North Korea have resumed cooperating on their missile programs.


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      I didn’t think N Korea would be a part of the actual armies coming against Israel in the Ezek war, but it does make sense that they may be contributing to Iran’s ability to feel emboldened and to have provisions for an attempted attack…

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        I lived in South Korea for 6 1/2 years and studied the situation extensively when I was there. North Korea is a paper tiger, IMHO.

        They have fuel reserves for 3 days. In the outbreak of war, they wouldn’t be able to contribute any meaningful armed forces. They don’t even hold war games as they don’t have the spare fuel or ammunition.

        In fact, the main duty of the North Korean army these days is harvesting crops. The army is one of the few segments of society that is adequately nourished so they can handle the rigorous work. Probably also to keep an eye on any potential crop theft.

        The only ace that North Korea holds is that they could destroy Seoul with their 70,000 artillery pieces before they were destroyed. That and the threat of actually holding nuclear weapons. I am personally not sure whether they have nuclear weapons or not. So an uneasy peace holds. Everyone (China, USA, South Korea, Russia and Japan) seems to like the status quo well enough.

        They definitely could supply Iran with some information on the process of developing nuclear weapons, though. They are desperate for money to keep the regime going. If the army isn’t paid/fed, then they will rebel and topple the regime. It’s a delicate balancing act.

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      Patricia N.


      God does amazing things in unexpected ways!

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