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      Mark Armstrong

      In recent years my eyesight had deteriorated to the point where in 2015 I gave up on ever doing artwork again this side of Heaven. But just two months ago I had cataract surgery done for both eyes. Had one eye fixed for distance vision, and one eye fixed for near vision. I can now drive without glasses, and read without glasses. I might go back to drawing one of these days.

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      Wow, Mark!  A miracle of sorts! Thank you indeed, Lord, for the advances in medical science and technology that have been developed for our benefit.  Also thank you for occasional or even regular means to afford medical attention.

      I wish I could have cataract-equivalent operations done on my ears, so I get back my 20-20 hearing. (Just kidding, but hearing aids just don’t sharpen things I’d hope to hear again in the way cataract operations can help the eyes.)

      Hang in there, Mark.  Soon you should have a lot of time to perfect your artistic talent — up yonder.

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        Mark Armstrong

        In the Millennium and beyond, even the hobbyists and dabblers will be able to do things far beyond what the most talented professionals do today. In this present world, you only get a few decades to practice a pursuit.


        In the Millennium and beyond, with centuries and millennia to play around with, we should have art, literature, music, plays, movies, architecture, engineering, and other works almost incomprehensible in this age.

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      That’s terrific news, Mark!!

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