J. D. Farag’s Bible Prophecy Update February 9th, 2020

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      J. D. Farag’s Bible Prophecy Update with Guest Speaker Barry Meguiar – February 9th, 2020


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      Good update summing up the month of January!

      How many of you recall J.D.’s first Bible Prophecy Updates back in 2006 that were only 5 – 10 minutes?  Was the original RITA board functioning at that time?

      I didn’t start listening to J.D. until 2014.

      I was a huge fan of Prophecy In the News with J.R. Church and Gary Stearman and would get their monthly prophecy magazines.  It was like Christmas every month … waiting in anticipation for them to arrive.  I’ve saved them thinking I would refer back to them like some encyclopedia and now as I’m glancing at the covers … they lost it’s wow factor since they are sooo old and prophecy is so much more advanced.  I mean I got articles about Yassar Arafat and Ariel Sharon.   I think its safe to toss these, eh? B-)

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