J. D. Farag's Mid-East Prophecy Update – May 26th, 2019

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      J. D. Farag’s Mid-East Prophecy Update


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      Here is JD’s top ten list of prophecies in play taken from this week’s prophecy update:

      10) Earthquakes

      9) Knowledge increase (technological and prophetic)

      8) Global Currency

      7) Wickedness Increase (Days of Noah/Days of Lot)

      6) Jerusalem Obessession

      5) Talk of Peace and Security

      4) 7-Year Pace Agreement

      3) Damascus Destruction

      2) Israel Invasion (Ezekiel 38)

      1) Increase in Mocking

      As JD readily admitted at the start of the update for this week, his list is just his opinion.  There is no right or wrong answer, so to speak.  That said, I do find it interesting that my list has several things his does not, including a difference in my top two items.  For anyone who gives a hill of beans what I think (lol), here is my countdown list of top 10 prophecies in play

      10) The condition of the world described in Matthew 24, which I believe is intended to describe Daniel’s 70th week itself, but the characteristics of which are clearly, as Jan Markell likes to say, casting shadows forward: false christs, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes.  All here today and getting worse as we move towards the 70th week.

      9) One-world Babylonian ecumenical religion taking shape (The harlot church of Rev 17 and rampant spiritual apostasy & deception)

      8) Overall social decay (Days of Lot, Days of Noah, 2 Tim 3:1-5 description)

      7) Peace & Security talk around the Trump Deal of the Century as a forerunner to the Daniel 9:27 covenant that reveals the Antichrist, including the focus on Jerusualem.

      6) The seemingly imminent destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17)

      5) The technology to support the Mark of the Beast in a one-world global economy

      4) Geo-political alignment of Ezekiel 38 (including the migratory predator bird populations that have been building over the past few years in preparation to the eat the flesh of God’s enemies upon the mountains of northern Israel when God destroys them)

      3) All the preparation for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple

      2) Israel now 71 years back in the land

      1) Convergence of all of the above happening at the same time in the Fig Tree generation.

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